The Condom: Contraception without Hormones

The condom is a real alternative to hormonal contraceptives such as the pill & co. – If to if at all possible avoid following application error…

Condom, Verhüterli, rubber, Paris, overcoat – so many neologisms for the condom there, so popular and popular it is worldwide. This may primarily be that with a little practice – is particularly simple in its application, can be stored anywhere thanks to its small size, has to do with the man in the responsibility for the prevention and especially next to a pregnancy also sexually transmitted diseases protect.

Condom Protects Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases

In addition to the Femidom (female condom), the condom is the only contraceptive method, which protects against sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, chlamydia and HIV via . Therefore you should always use condoms during sex with a new partner or frequently changing sexual contacts – if necessary in combination with other contraceptive methods such as the oral contraceptive pill or the vaginal ring.

It All Depends On The Size

So a condom offers safe protection, it must first of all have the correct size for the penis.The condom is too big, it easily slides off and full prevention protection is no longer guaranteed. It is too small, the cover can be difficult. The condom can damage and even tear.

Wearing Condom Correctly

Many couples playful include covering of the condom in the sexual act, so that it not be annoying interruptions or embarrassing pauses. Often, the Interior is confused it with the outside of the condom. Should this be the case and the small rolls the penis are not outside, you start a new trial – with a new condom. The incorrectly used, namely may already have so-called pleasure drops, a penis liquid ejected in the arousal, which can contain sperm and can lead to a pregnancy are liable.

Give Rubber: What More Do I Need?

It is also important to pay attention to the expiration date of the condom. Should you buy the rubber at a machine, it is advisable to pay attention, because it was not controlled circumstances on the expiration date. Condoms should be stored also in hot environment or in direct sunlight, because their material is otherwise brittle and porous.If you remove the condom of the foil packaging, you avoid to take sharp objects or long finger nails, as these may also damage the condom.

Certain oils and creams, which should provide for sufficient moisture during lovemaking can make the condoms porous. Here is to use water-based lubricant – they provide for smooth sex and do not damage the condom.

After Sex: Typical Condom Errors

After sex, it is important to hold the condom when pulling out of the link, otherwise it slides down easily and the ejaculate comes into contact with the vagina. Each condom can be used only once and should be disposed of in the waste – not in the toilet -. “Double holds better” does not apply when this method of contraception also. Never two condoms one above the other pull – both during sex can break down. The contraceptive protection as well as the protection against sexually transmitted diseases is then no longer guaranteed.

Hormone Free Contraception: How Safe Are Condoms?

When used correctly, condoms can reach a Pearl index of about two. The Pearl Index (PI) indicates how many of the 100 women using a single contraceptive method found a pregnancy within one year. The PI of condoms means that on average two out of 100 women who prevent only with condom, be pregnant within a year.By comparison, the Pearl index of birth control pills is between 0.1 and 0.9.

Buy Condom: Costs

Condoms are without a prescription in drugstores, pharmacies, supermarkets and vending machines available. With a cost of about 50 cents apiece, they are comparatively very cheap and affordable for everyone.

Note: If a condom during sex is torn or slipped off, as soon as possible consult a woman doctor and tell him the situation. If necessary, he will prescribe the “morning-after pill “.

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