Learn Snowboarding and Cross-Country Skiing: My First Steps

My First Steps In The Snow And Ski

From very small to me the mountain was and is sacred. He could not see it or dirty or full of any type of construction made by man. So when I started to see the first ski runs in my beloved Pyrenean mountain I started to catch much discomfort with everything related to sports of sliding in the snow. Kid stuff.

But two years ago, things changed. Why? Because I went to work in Decathlon. Since I work here always I have had the need to know, try and practise all the sports that attract my attention. And how, as seller of mountain, not would not be without test and learn snowboard and ski.

January 29, 2017

This year I was encouraged and organized a day to go several workers to try skiing. Only two were that put us a ski for the first time. The rest already had years of experience, so it is handled very well.

Skiing on the slopes of Formigal Anayet.

Our colleague Ruth, with more than 20 years of experience behind him, was two hours teaching us the basics to learn how to fall “in the cradle”, stop and turn. From here one more time thank you for your patience, because tiny two hours gave you.

After that first hour contact, Anna (the other partner who didn’t ski) and I stayed alone. Our goal was that each down we fall once less, so until we do not cayésemos any.

And we got it! After 4hours day and a half, managed to make more than one down without us.

The truth is that on more than one occasion I was about to throw the towel, and more seeing that it took more than 1 hour and there was no way of stopping eating snow. But my stubbornness knew that one of two: he had just broken or at least one clean descent had to do it.

My feelings at the end of the day were good. I had fun, well pass me very. But conversely, I didn’t find the taste needed to be a sport that to practice. So at the moment I have the ski parked.

On February 10, 2017

Tried skiing was the time to try and learn snowboarding. If adventurous, this year I have started seriously with the theme of sliding in the snow. Why so many people climbing the Pyrenees to make this type of sports if not skiing I liked so much? Well to know this I had to try and also to learn snowboarding.

This time we were 3 that not we put a table ever and one that at least three years of his childhood Yes had been giving the subject

With Carlos (yellow) our Snow monitor.

At this time we hire a monitor so we were taught from scratch all. Carlos, was a complete success. They taught us in an unbelievable manner. And we learned in just over 1 hour to get off safely. Once we let into our air, the truth is that we do not progress much. What’s more, even I have one than another hour with monitor to learn to turn the table, because of go by the “pen” I was given to perfection.

Unlike skiing, from the first drop was awakened something in me that said: this you will probably like. And it was so. From this descent I enjoyed. If I fell and much, but not stop laugh and stand up and want to go again and again.

The experience both liked to learn snowboarding that already bought me my first table in a matter of a week: a ENDZONE 500 Parck & Ride Wed’ze recommendation of Paul, a coworker with many years of snowboard over.

February 20, 2017

As already with my new table you could not miss one day this season in which release it and get everything I learned.

This time went already with people that it was flying well in ski and Snow. And although I tried to keep them up, I couldn’t.Remove clear what still classes I need to finish to learn outdoor snowboarding

Premiering my table Wed’ze

That is why I recommend that if you want to learn quickly and well, do not hesitate to take a monitor, teacher, or friend to teach well. I know that many have learned on their own, but it is never more to teach you which are the correct postures you must have above a table, and more to avoid those typical in the coccyx or end of hills in the snow.

And now you see who I was going to say to me that today was going to be one “rider” more enjoying the mountain in winter.Never would have imagined it. But here I am, looking forward to soon the next weekend to share a monitor or catch a friend wanting to teach and end up being a snowboarder’s truth.

I encourage you to at least try it and that, as I did, depends on how you’re having fun you decantéis by a few skis or a table.

Adventurous greetings.

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