How to Wear: Tweed Coat

The tweed is a classic fabric, thanks to Coco Chanel. Today’s post was made especially to honor one of the most iconic pieces of the most famous stylist in the world:the tweed coat. The fabric originates from the Scottish region of the Tweed River, which was the great textile center of the nineteenth century. The tweed has a rough texture, and can be made entirely of wool or with a mixture of other fabrics, with colored patterns. Since the late nineteenth century, it was used to make coats and suits . In the 1960s, it was replaced by lighter fabrics, but resurfaced in the 1990s.

chanel and his inseparable tweed coat

For being a classic of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld does not let pass in any parade, but always with a very modern touch. The tweed is revisited always, but with touches increasingly different. Today, in addition to a more romantic look, it can be part of even more casual clothes. To honor this iconic item of the brand, Lagerfeld created the “The Little Black Jacket”project to showcase various current celebrities wearing the tweed coat.Just for you to see how it does not go out of style!The photos can be seen on the website and, just to quench curiosity, check out the video that shows the piece being made.

Collection chanel autumn/winter 2012

Lately, the tweed coats come with very modern looks. You do not need to wear white pearls and a basic black dress to match. You can wear it with jeans, leather, metal or leggings .Also invest in shorts with tights, just for a change.On the feet, you can invest in scarpins, ankle boots, buttoned sandals, sneakers and boots.You can also contrast the heavy fabric of the tweed with the lighter ones.So use it with transparencies, pleated skirts, tulle and so on.

Below, I put on several styles of jacket for you to be inspired! Blazers, casaquetos, jackets, overcoats … Just choose which one fits best in your cold from Threergroup!

Where to Buy:you will find some models at Zara and MNG (Rio de Janeiro – Ipanema).Online, the options are many!Look into OQVestir , Net-a-Porter and E-Closet.

1. Tweed Blazer

2. Boyfriend Blazer by Tweed

3. Tweed Housekeeper

4. Tweed Coat

5. Tweed Jacket

6. 3/4 Sleeve Tweed

7. Especially from Tweed

8. Famous in Tweed Coat

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