How to Wear: Printed Pantyhose

Last year Lia made a How to Wear with assorted pantyhose, but after Sylvia’s great post, asking the boys what they think about pantyhose, I decided to do a special post with patterned tights.Of course they will prefer the more common socks, but who said that we women are content with just the basics?

The cold has come, at least in some places in Brazil, and it is now that the coats and scarves come out of the closets. To get away from the sameness of a pair of pants and to protect the legs from the cold, we have the beloved option of the tights. They go well with skirts, dresses and shorts and the prints are the ones that attract the most attention.

For those with thick legs it is a little advisable to print lighter, as they seem to increase, but thin ones (such as balls and hearts, with a small print) or dark colors go well on any type of body. Who has thin legs and wants to thicken them, larger prints and a little lighter colors serve.

Just be careful, because the pantyhose has become the center of attention, so do not carry the whole look very much. It is good to put at the most only an accessory, besides the pantyhose, that is flashy:or a bag , or a shoe or a different hair accessory , for example.

Where to Buy:We find different prints in department stores like Renner, Riachuelo, C & A, Marisa and Lojas Americanas. For those who like to buy online, the Lingerie website has many options – both basic and suuuuper printed socks -, the São Jorge Socks Deposit and the tabio gringo site Tabio (I already bought there, you can trust it, it only takes a while to arrive) who sells the desired socks of little balls and hearts, and that are much more resistant than those of the Renner.

1. Pantyhose with floral print

2. Pantyhose with polka dots

3. Heart-shaped pantyhose

4. Tights with striped print

5. Tights with geometric pattern

6. Pantyhose Tights

7. Tights with checkered plaid

8. Pantyhose with different pattern

9. Famous brand stockings in print

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