6 Reasons to Have an Electric Bicycle

China, Japan, the United States, India, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and several other countries use  electric bicycles  as a means of transportation regularly. In addition to being a fever, it optimizes the flow of traffic in large centers.

Here in Brazil electric bicycles are not as common as they are outside, but usage is growing so fast across the country that they will certainly become a fever here. And we, from Verde Bike, have listed the great advantages of having an electric bike, see:

1. Economy:

The only expense of the electric bicycle is to recharge the battery in electricity, it is estimated that an electric bicycle consumes $ 0.01 per kilometer, that is, much cheaper than gasoline. And its owner does not pay IPVA.

2. Environment:

The electric bicycle, or e-bike is an environmentally friendly product, as it does not emit smoke, neither polluting the air nor the environment.

3. Health:

It is not because it is electric that the bicycle will prevent its user from pedaling and practicing a physical exercise. Electric bicycles have pedals, and whenever the rider wants to be able to use it, not to mention that when cycling, the battery is being recharged.

4. Mobility:

In addition to helping the flow of urban centers, the user of the electric bicycle does not get stuck in traffic jams. If the normal bicycle is considered the second fastest means of transportation at the time of congestion, imagine the electric?

5. Comfort:

By having battery, the cyclist of the electric bicycle does not have to pedal, reducing the physical effort, fatigue.

6. Practice:

Electric bikes are compact, and depending on the model folding, being easy to carry from corner to corner.

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