White Japanese Style Cave House

Kanazawa is a Japanese city in Ishikawa prefecture. It is located on the sea and is surrounded by the Japanese Alps, the Hakusan National Park and Noto Peninsula. It is located between the rivers Sai and Asano and covers an area of 467.77 km².

It is the famous castle of Kanazawa, several times destroyed and rebuilt.
This is also where the largest nuclear power plant in the world, that of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa.

In this city there is also the White cave house, a two-story building by architects Takuro Yamamoto .
A monolithic volume, white, pure, introverted and outside opens only to create a vacuum for parking. Cave, the cave, it is one of two key themes of the project: internal holes and external area in a massive volume. the second principle applied is the whiteness, white as snow in Japan.

The plant on the ground floor consists of a dynamic sequence of external and internal spaces.The kitchen and living room are visually and physically connected to the central courtyard, the heart of White Cave House.

On the opposite side, a corridor, a small room, a Japanese room and the scale for the vertical connection. Here at Buywyncote.com you can get more different models and styles. On the second floor three bedrooms are arranged around the emotional terrace, a so pure beauty and simplicity that reconfirms the elegance of style Jap.

The shallow pool is a pool of water reflecting the sky around the perimeter of the terrace.
The white resin flooring makes blinding purity also inside the house.
In all this bright minimalism, nature has its place, very minimal too: a slender tree in plan.

White cave house has been designed in the light and candor almost sterile, just like the buyers wanted: a young couple with a baby in a alienating retreat away from the world.

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