Which Electronic Security System Is the Best for My Company?

We talked in a previous article on ways to convince the Board to invest in loss prevention. After achieved this goal, it is important to keep in mind what the best solution to prevent the losses discovered during the risk analysis. Found vulnerabilities, it is time to select the tools to solve the problems with the losses. But what is the best system for your company?

Let’s imagine an ideal scenario where the company has reviewed its process and invested in training staff. Now is the right time to choose the best tools of electronic security and focus on return they will bring. With elaborate risk analysis makes it easier for the Manager to direct your investment action.

Whenever you deploy a security system, one must ask: “what electronic security system is the best for my company?”

We know that today, in the market, there are thousands of solutions in electronic security, from the most simple as, for example, an unmonitored alarm central, until the more professionals with State-of-the-art technology such as cameras with zoom, image analysis software, among others.

Take care and know the company that will provide security solutions that you believe are necessary. By choosing one or more businesses, investigate them before you hire them. Check your history on the market, its main clients, the existence, the scope, type and quality of their equipment and, especially, the post-sale.

make sure that the company has trained and prepared to meet whenever you need it. search also references about their solutions, ask, ask questions. the best way to evaluate the performance of a company is to know your service, see your dedication and your contribution to improvements in security tools.

With the analysis and market research, the Manager may choose, for example, installing a CCTV system with access control working together. To know the ideal solution you need to identify the needs and possibilities, not necessarily the company will need a cutting edge technology, with high cost. Evaluate security firms together is really necessary to invest so much or if only two or three mobile cameras, some fixed cameras and a digital recording system, your needs will be met fully.

After the choice of equipment, it’s time to do the quote. For SecurityPology.com, the Manager has a scope, i.e., a pattern, set the type of equipment you wish to quote, how to row in a professional camera, model, brand, etc. So, when requesting quotations in several companies, he can compare all budgets of equal form and obtain the best cost x benefit.

Always remember that this pattern should serve as a basis, because the technology changes from time to time. Repeat this procedure when necessary to avoid getting plastered on a type of technology or equipment and run the risk of losses with a lagged technology.

Always be aware of the new technologies and rely on a security company that can be not just a service provider, but also a strategic partnership to achieve better results.

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