Vintage Fashion in Thrift Shops

Shop at thrift stores is a real camp and there are a few steps to follow that will help you get along! Our expert, Ana Mastrochirico, listed 10 tips for panning thrift shops.
Unlike the fast fashions that we are so used to, where there are several options of sizes and models, in thrift stores the pieces tend to be unique, so it is important to have watchful eyes and knowing how to recognize the hidden potential in each outfit you find. Today some thrift stores are now more modern, and make a pre-selection of clothes to be part of the acquis. But there are still those thrift shops or bazaars cheapie, which has many messy clothes and stacked, and believe it or not, is that you find the most interesting parts, vintages and cheap.

Following these tips will help you make better mines and to train our eyes to what’s really worth buying in a thrift store.

Like panning thrift stores:


If you’re going to leave for panning reserve one day with plenty of time available. This type of purchase requires a good dose of patience, because you have to be very attentive to what is buying not to take anything defective or you run the risk of no use then. Panning in a hurry is prejudice, trust me!


Yes, a good pattern can save an outfit and typically the older patterns are beautiful and very well worked. Time for mining, it is important to pay attention to these pieces to find different models and vintages. After the stamped flat pieces, because what they call less attention, people look at, and make less issue to take them home, because they are usually more simple and basic parts.


One thing I’ve learned in thrift store is the following: take everything you think has potential, THEN do a triage. That’s right, you can be fairly interesting that piece, pick up and hold her, or someone else comes and takes. Then, when you’re done looking at the thrift store all there for you to look at the pieces of truth.


After all what can be interesting, it is time for the screening, which is very important. This is where you will analyze things like size, quality, modeling, if potential matches your style, whether the price is worth it, if it has defects, if there’s a zipper broken, anyway, these things. Do it in a corner, calmly, without anyone getting in the way of you so you can think about it and analyze the parts carefully.


Did the sorting? Now TRY the clothes/shoe/accessory and see if it fits you. Many models are misleading, so whenever possible go to the dressing room and seen everything, so that you will only take home what really good and worth it. And look, no carry many parts for that are cheap to stay waiting for weight loss, for example. (Hint: Go with an outfit that makes experience the pieces in case there is no dressing room.)


On any purchase, you must analyze the potential of the piece you’re buying. And in thrift store that has to be over analyzed yet. This is without doubt the most important step! Don’t worry if the parts that chose not to combine with each other, worry about wondering if the piece you are choosing combines with what you already have at home. Not worth taking something you can’t match anything after, or that it’s not your style very much, if you’re not going to be just one more accumulated clothing on the bottom of the closet.


After you’ve done all the steps above and chose your pieces it’s time to look again. YES! Then you will be more relaxed, you’re choosing a few pieces, then it may be that in this second look you find something you didn’t see the first time, or that someone else gave up on lead. With less euphoria, and hurry we can see better.


Some pieces may need minor adjustments to be perfect. If you think you can make the adjustment that the play needs, or have someone who can do for you, and the value of the piece is worth, take the clothes home. But I’m talking about simple adjustments, like a sheath, shorten a short, give a blip for you’re stitching, or cut the pants and do a short, etc. Depending on the piece and the price make adjustments worth!


ALWAYS check the accessories! You can find beautiful things, vintage, Grandma even in thrift shops and bazaars, so worth a look carefully at them. Shoe is a little harder to pan for the size. Here at you can get more different models and styles. But if you find a nice model, in good condition and that fits, don’t think twice and take it with you! It’s good to also take a look at the section of decorative items, because the times with a little creativity you can find very useful things and still find vintage objects, which are cooler yet!


Most thrift stores/bazaars works only with cash, cash, money, smackaroos, din din, no credit card. And my advice to you is: If you can, bring a good amount, because you never know what you will find in your camp, ok!?

This list is a comprehensive step by step follow every time I go to mining, and that is the way we find the best pieces. With time and practice you probably practise the your looking to find exactly what you like and need.

Panning in thrift stores is also an exercise in self-knowledge. Since we don’t have many choices of clothes available we were more selective, and we pay attention to what you really like, regardless of trends, but more focused in our personal style, what makes us comfortable or combining with our personality. Is a very simple way to rediscover, without the pressure of having a piece of the new collection.

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