Tips of Cheap Flashlights

If you knew or was invited by a group of amateur astronomers and going out with them for a practice note, it’s good to be aware that, for observing, astronomers value, among other things, by the darkness.

So stay tuned to the list below to not commit some gaffes:

  1. Use Of Flashlights And Other Lights.

Avoid using flashlights during the event. If you need to, use preferably weak lanterns and Redlight. If you don’t have a red light flashlight cover your white light with a red plastic or cellophane. Never point the Lantern forward and others, use it always pointed at the ground.

If you want to photograph the event, give preference to do it early on, before start of truth, as the camera flashes will mess up a little. If you are coming with the car, turn down the lights. Use at most the spotlight and go driving slowly to park.Soon after switch off completely the headlights.

If you go out of the event before the end use the spotlight and just turn on the headlights to be worth when you are already moving away from the site. Only use the headlights with full lighting when maneuver without too much light can compromise security.

Try to illuminate the site as little as possible, but safety comes first.

  1. Use Green Laser

Give preference to the use of weak lasers, up to 10mW. Do not connect strong lasers near who is watching for the Flash gets in the way a little. When you want to use lasers to show objects in the sky to a large group of people look for a location a little further away from the rest of the group.

Be very careful when handling a laser pointer. If the beam or the direct reflection reaches the retina of any person can cause permanent damage to vision. Neverlet small children handle the lasers.

  1. Keeping The Mood And Harmony.

Even if something is bothering you, you have taken off a truck on the road on the way to the site, which has lost the camera cover, someone called the headlight of the car on your face… keep up the good humor.

Often the weather cooperates with the observation and the sky just closing.Regardless if it was your first time out to note or if it is meant to be a spectacular astronomical event, when skies don’t cooperate, there’s not much you can do, except wait and, in case of rain with lightning, take shelter in safe locations.

Don’t Scream, don’t resmunge. The bad humor infects and embarrass other people. Just talk and everything works. No one is perfect.

  1. Nocturnal Activity

In areas you can’t make a lot of noise after 21hs. Take care also so noisy conversations the way who is watching and trying to relax. If necessary, search for a location away to talk.

  1. Trash

Never forget to clean up the site before leaving. Never leave garbage on the ground or abandoned in bags. Garbage collection–your and the other if you need and take to play out at home.

  1. Say Hello

To reach the site search for the responsible or known her and introduce yourself.Says the rule of etiquette that is who gets to the place that must take the initiative to introduce yourself to what is already present.

  1. Take Something To Eat And Drink

Often these activities happen in uninhabited places and no infrastructure, so take a small snack and a bottle of water.

8-Protect Yourself

Usually at night, the temperature is lower than during the day. In more remote locations, the thermal sensation is intense cold, and as we were outdoors, light sweaters, beanie, anyway, protect yourself. Cold is uncomfortable, and so you lose the joy to watch.

These eight points aren’t everything, but enough to give you an idea and the rest is common sense.


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