Tips for Choosing the Right Bra for Your Body

Did you know that wearing a bra badly adjusted, may compromise your health? Many women, especially those with large breasts, end up suffering from rashes, tendonitis, headaches, indigestion and even irritable bowel syndrome on account of this piece of the wardrobe! The problem has such big proportions that it is estimated that four out of every five women wear lingerie unsuitable for your body type! Can you believe that so many people make the wrong choice of bra?

With this, we have come to the conclusion that choose the right bra is a difficult task for most women. Come to think of it, the Village Woman has prepared five valuable tips to help you in this quest for the perfect model. Use the appropriate bra can bring you much self-esteem, freedom, acceptance and personality to look. Here’s how not to err in the selection.

  1. You’re not everybody

We need to understand that what is good in other not necessarily will look good on you. Experience is the best way to find out if a model wears well, as each woman has unique measures.

  1. Note the BRA as a whole

To try out a template, note not only the front, but also see the back. A good bra that leaves nothing left behind. Choose a model that enhances the high points and hide the weak.

  1. Attention to the handles.

The straps are very important to ensure support. Larger breasts are calling for wider straps. It is therefore ideal to find brands that increase the width of the handles on the larger sizes.

  1. Bras with “tricks”

For those who have sagging breasts, the ideal are the type push-up Bras that lift and value the lap. Some models, like the Plié brand has three to five adjustments, but broad backs may require the use of an extra extensor, purchased separately in lingerie stores. Stay tuned also to models with adjustable, the numbering of this type of play is often different.

  1. No roughing it!

Strapless bras are calling for special attention to the region near the armpits, where must not tighten.

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