Theme Week Dress+Shoes-Day 05

Just get me saying that I love this dress today. First because, as the nostalgic Hebe Camargo, he is a graciiiiiinha. Second because he brings me memories absolutely delicious.

He came in the trunk directly from our trip to Thailand. Was practically one of the only parts that I bought during the trip and I love how he makes me remember that time we went through there.

Unfortunately, as he is short, I end up not verrrrry using both day to day, but yesterday, as I only had a eventinho in the late afternoon (which ended up mending a pizza and after a party at the House of some friends), I decided to kill the homesickness.

The cool thing about this dress is that although short, he has this format straighter, folgadinho, which he trashy. Although folgadinho, this smart design on the sides creates an optical illusion that gives impression of him be more acinturado (which is always good, right?).

When I use it for events at night, usually combine with black accessories, but, as I left the House yet with clear day, I found more cool match all white, to give more lightness to history.

The maxi white blazer with marked shoulders made it more elegant and, along with the maxi wallet, made the perfect counterpoint to the more casual tennis footprint. Not too fancy, or sport. Everything in the measure.

By the way, speaking of tennis, I told here that I’m not a big fan of this wave of white sneakers. The truth is that I liked so much of this story to customize I bought this one to do another drawing, with other colors (advance that will be red and pink, stand by:-). But this week has been crazy and I didn’t have time to sit down and put his hand in the cookie jar. So, in the meantime, I’m using it as OK.

As it turned out, it was great and married very well with the climate more minimalist look.

To finish, I was inspired in the Middle 60s dress climate and gambled on the Kitty glasses and hair left in and well tidy (with very laqué to stay in place). And loved the result. Use both the messy hair who came to strange to see him like that every young lady.

People, I’m loving our week dress+shoes! Remembering that, now that we are a serious and professional blog, thematic weeks took 7 days. Then, we still have two looks from the front.

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