Theme Week Dress+Shoes-Day 04

Room look of our theme week.

And, if in the previous posts, the idea was to contrast our two protagonists of the week (the dress and the shoes), today the footprint is another.

I wanted to use this loooong tennis Vert during our week. First because he is tall, which gives an aspect almost “Bootie”. Second on the plate means super different tropical. If she is not beautiful?

But the coolest of Vert is the process of making all brand shoes is absolutely sustainable at The organic cotton is bought from small producers from semi-arid Northeast. The rubber that goes to the soles of sneakers is produced by three associations of rubber tappers in the Amazon. The amount paid is higher than the LaTeX market that values the Tapper and contributes to the fight against deforestation. Finally, the leather is 100% vegetable and the tanning process is done in an environmentally friendly manner to reduce the environmental impact. (IT’S WORTH a LOT of clicking on links and view right as is the process of production. Inspiring, to say the least.Take it from me.)

And wrong who think that this causes the tennis is more fragile. The picture up there, walked me through the Chapada dos Veadeiros in one piece. At the end of 3 intense days of hiking trails through the Woods, just take a esfregadinha with wet cloth that the beast was brand new.

Well, with the tennis settled, I went in search of the dress. And before long, found one that fell like a glove.

Like I said up there, the idea today was not contrast. On the contrary. The dress has a super urban climate. For starters, he’s SWEATSUIT, which gives a more sporty aspect to the story. Second, it passes far from dainty or ladylike. Is short, with pockets and just the thing to the extent to be sexy without being vulgar.

The cool thing is that it is super comfortable and look that you can wear for day (one day more chilly-weather San Francisco more pro than São Paulo at that time, I know), or at night, in a bar with friends or even a ballad where do you want to dance without worrying about the high heels.

The hair down, Middle bagunçadinho, was the final touch and ornou well with the relaxed atmosphere (and halfway rebeldinho), you agree?

Well, there’s only 3 days to finish our week dress + Shoes. So, if you have suggestions of looks, leverages to comment down here Dja to give time to put into practice until the end of the challenge (and still help me get ideas of what to do in the next 3 days).

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