The Wedding Etiquette for Marriage

Choose the table arrangement inside the Hall is certainly not a minor detail. Here, then, what’s the etiquette for the success of the wedding.

The layout of the tables in a marriage is a daunting task, but the rules of etiquette, for once, make life easier!

According to the bon ton bride and groom must be visible from every corner of the room regardless of the chosen solution. For the arrangement of the tables in the hall you can adopt different solutions, the most common are the Horseshoe (ideal if guests are limited in number) or the one with the tables laid out in front of the table of honor which houses the bride and groom. Here at you can get more different models and styles. In both cases the bride will keep the groom to his left and right take their seats the groom’s father, a witness (possibly female), father of the bride and another witness (possibly female). The groom’s left sit the bride’s mother, a witness (possibly male), the groom’s mother and another witness (possibly male).

In Horseshoe style followed by the closest relatives, guests of this and all other invited (in an order dictated by age) respecting the alternating men and women until the bottom of the Board. Also in arrangement with the central table of honor and various guest tables (6, 8 or 10 sizes from max Diners) it is necessary to take into account that the greater the degree of importance of the guests, the smaller the distance by the bride and groom. With regard to children should be seated at a table, always under adult supervision (for example a baby sitter).

Once you have chosen your table settings, do not forget the seating arrangement at the entrance of the Hall so that the guests do the treasure hunt … or, to help guests take a seat at your table you can use the escort cards that play pretty much the same function and can be business cards, nameplates, origami, bunches of lavender or anything else on which you can write.

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