The Second Cart!!!

As I said to you in the last post about shopping carts (click HERE), I ended up buying a second option more lightweight and easy to fold than my Quinny Buzz. How do I know that the purchase of the stand is one of the items that most raises doubt on mothers, I will try to tell you a little of my experience.
In my opinion the lighter model does not replace the heavier. Is a second option that all mothers with babies up to 6 months (which is when they sit and are more hard) should have to ease a little.

As I rarely use the Quinny on the street and still have a serious problem on the back, opted for the Maclaren Quest Denim that has only 5 kg, against more than 12 kg of the Quinny. This model is one of the lighter and with more options of position of the back and feet. Also I loved the color which is very neutral and can get to the next baby, be it a boy or a girl. So the lifestyle you lead and your needs influence much at the time of purchase.

I made my first test drive today and I loved it. I think Bruna liked too! Super easy to close; just give it a little push with his foot and it folds in one piece… and even easier to open. Very light to boot and load by the handle, and the bag that comes in the stroller fits pretty thing.

Some weaknesses are; the sitting position is not so straight as Quinny, hangs from the belt is a little hard to release and you can’t leave the handle bags because without the baby cart becomes!

For these reasons the lighter cart not replaces the greater. I think that to walk in areas with irregular floor and take in places where the baby might sleep a little, the even bigger stand is more comfortable.

And which model you purchased? are met?

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