The Mystery of Bites in Shore Fishing

Without a doubt, one of the great challenges of the fishermen of shore and onboard is decrypt time nailing the fish after the bite. It is very normal for less-experienced fishermen to fail more frequently bites of fish due to little patience they demonstrate, linked to a bit of nervousness that is engaged when a bite of good size. In this short article I will try to explain you ephemeral but concise, what would be the best time to catch the fish according to the veracity or otherwise of the bite.

What would be the right time then to catch the species that are trying to capture?

The first analysis to do that type of fishing these making, is the most important when deciding what to do when it bites the fish…

For example so that you understand a little better…

Fishing from shore with Squid in the background mode, you have to be very patient when it comes to give the trechonazo, since squid is a hard bait, i.e. you must not pull out to the first bite without being dragged the bait, you wait precisely that fish swallow the bait completely and drag the line that is the signal indicated to give the clavonazo.

In the case of using sardines or dead mojarras chopped destollos and conducting bottom fishing via mysteryaround, would be the same procedure as above, with the difference that time to pull as you give, serious one second before that with Squid, since the sardine is a bit more soft, and to give the first slow fish bites it is possible it disintegrates easily Therefore the first slight thread lug you must give the clavonazo.


If the sardine the are using live and without leads, the process is different, almost always when occurs a chopped hot, the larger fish attacks the sardine, matte, and then swallows it, therefore the process of the bite would be the following, the first strong trechonazo that gives the fish, or race is not yet signal nail it , but you should expect a second career of it, that would be the signal that already swallow the bait and got tripped with her, there is that you must give the trechonazo

Finally I wanted to explain that if you’re fishing with rapala artificial, in this case if the first touch of the fish in the rapala you must give the trechonazo, because if not nailed it the first time, the fish bounced logically artificial to be it has precisely is not natural bait…

In summary:

First locate you on the type of fishing that you are going to perform, second ubicate in the species that you are going to capture, and third, you fill yourself with patience and learn to detect the timing of the tironazo without that surrounds the shade of the nervousness about you.

Any questions leave it me reflected in the comments, I am here to help you.

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