The Closet Needs-Cashmere Sweater

If there is a shortcut to a perfect wardrobe goes through cashmere wool.Nothing can alter the overall impression with the same effect as a sweater of cashmere goat in fur. This in the fashion context, legendary quality, complete not only one’s attire, but also gives the wearer pure and simple life enjoyment.

To tell about cashmere sweaters in the summer heat may seem idiotic, but as previously discussed is kashmir not as tied in season that many would like to believe. On the contrary, it is suitable a coiled cashmere quality through its unique breathability as well for summer and winter use. Model selection and color is more a matter of personal taste. Anyone who really wants to indulge in the term classical chooses to advantage one color in the natural scale that camel, gray, or Navy Blue. Kashmir is getting at least as good in mint green, apricot, light blue or other color sets the color of the surroundings.

Differences between cashmere sweater is great and to determine its quality is not simply. For those who want to further improve themselves in Cashmere Wool’s characteristics and properties, it is recommended the interview with Swedish cashmere company Anchor CEO Niklas Anchorpublished earlier this spring.

Cashmere sweaters will never be the height of fashion. At the same time, its carriers have never cared for as well experienced cashmere of good quality will realize that quality is above all the trends. Functional materials in all its glory, the feeling of a natural material softer than any other addictions.

The t-shirt in the photo above is from Pringle of Scotland, which, among other things, provide Queen Elizabeth with kashmir of the highest quality from the weaving mill in Hawick, South-East Scotland. The last three years has this been pippi yellow beauty of my best friend.

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