The CCTV Solution Ideal for Surveillance of Large Spaces

More and more furtantes of goods profissionalizam at what they do: discover places where cameras are installed, study blind spots, invent new gadgets and suited to new technologies. It’s like a race. We need to be on the lookout for new technologies, because the criminals are always trying to circumvent them.

Against the grain of the thefts, the TUB CAMERA ®, CCTV equipment that comes to solve big problems with the installation of a single piece of equipment. The novelty that Gunnebo brings to the national market of electronic protection is a novel creation of the French company TEB.

Known as the only system that provides 100% visual coverage without obstacle, the TUB CAMERA ® has been shown to be an efficient solution for protecting large spaces, supervision of sales areas and all premises where there is constant movement. In this way, operators can monitor possible furtantes without losing sight, thanks to horizontal movement and 360° rotation of the camera.

The research resulted in the development of this new solution focused not only on the efficiency of the recording, but also on discretion. Installed inside a tube, with reduced diameter and mirror effect, move quickly throughout the extent quietly and unnoticed in the eyes more attentive. In this way, it integrates without causing any embarrassment to various environments, from warehouses and supermarkets to parking lots and factories.

Another big advantage for retailers is the convenience. With only one camera from deluxeSurveillance, which moves quickly to 6 meters per second to detect suspicious events, operators have a simpler schema to work with fewer screens in the monitoring of large environments. In this way, we simplify the surveillance system, providing a total vision of the site in one monitor.

Another question that also entered on the agenda during the research for this new solution was to find a way to reduce investment and installation disorders. The fewer equipments to be installed, the less time and money spent on installation. The TUB CAMERA ® can be implemented without length limit and integrated video surveillance system, offering dimension and additional range to the system.

The technology remains the biggest ally of the retail market and the news come always to add more security. Thus, increasingly we see emerge solutions such as TUB CAMERA ®: simple and direct that resolve more complex problems.

If you want to know more, go to the page of the TUB CAMERA ®.

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