The Best Eyeglasses for Each Face Type

There was a time that anyone who wore eyeglasses earned the nickname of four eyes.

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Currently, in addition to correct the vision, eyeglasses have become coveted accessories and fashions items valued by lovers of fashion and style.

However, at the moment of choice is not sufficient to consider only the personal taste. It must be remembered that the eyeglasses will be positioned on your face and will affect (and pretty!) your visual. In General, the comfort and harmony with the kind of face are the key items at the time of purchase. To win two it takes patience and spend a lot of shoe leather in search of the perfect eyeglasses .

Tips For You To Choose The Prescription Eyeglasses

To assist in this luscious style Marathon, nothing better than to rely on a few fundamental tips at elishui to choose the prescription glasses are ideal for every type of face. Knowing well it will be easier to select the correct model.

Types Of Face
Round Face

To help the Lady kicks the round face, which has similar proportions in width and length, but with rounded jaw line, choose prescription glasses with square frames and straight lines, especially those that are wider and less tall.

Square Face

The square face is formed by almost equal proportions between width and length, with well marked jaw line.

The eyeglasses come in to soften the strokes. So, opt for frames, oval shapes and rectangular corners, preferring not to flatten in the base.

Triangular Face

The triangular face is long and has a well-defined jaw markup. To balance this visual, choice for eyeglasses with rounded, oval, narrow frames.

Oval Face

This is the face shape more balanced, more privileged, because looks good with any type of eyeglasses.

For being long and rounding, accepts different styles and models. In this case, choose the one you like!

In addition to the already mentioned tips for each type of face, it is worth mentioning some important items to note when choosing for eyeglasses:

Eyebrows: must be gently visible;

Nasal support: need to be comfortable. Weigh and score the skin, choose another model.

Pupil: always centered on the frame.

Yes, there are many factors to pay attention in time to acquire the prescription glasses. But it’s worth following the tips and be accurate, after all, it’s not just about beauty and style, but also of health and well-being. Keep an eye out!

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