STYLE: Men’s Jewelry Cufflinks that Are Increasingly Fashionable

Cufflinks are removable buttons used to hold and close and diversified the shirt cuffs. Always in fashion, these men’s accessories can be made of gold or silver, being considered true male jewelry or other materials, more original, who is more daring. No wonder several jewelry stores have been dedicated to the production of these pieces with modern and unique designs, such as the Cis, which comes from Pernambuco investing in the production of men’s jewelry.

A Bit Of History

The cuff links were created in the early 16 century, but it was only in the reign of King Louis XIV, in France, they fell in taste and are now used by most men. At first were simple cords and ribbons used to tie the wrists of the shirts, little by little, these strands have been replaced with ornate buttons, made of gold, silver and often with a small diamond stone fancy huh?

Another story has it that Queen Victoria was once doing a survey in the frigate H.M.S. Blazer, and the Captain, upon realizing that the uniforms of sailors were tattered had Navy blue coats with brass buttons. The buttons on the sleeve were placed to prevent the sailors do the usual gesture of wiping your nose with your hands in front of the Queen. Captain Smart, isn’t it? Thereafter the cufflinks were related to formality and elegance.

One or other version, what counts is knowing that the cuff links never go out of style, the important thing is to know when and how to use it.

Directions For Use

The shirt -For a formal look must be of double fist. Are those the sleeve length will reach the middle of the hand, to be folded up to the correct height.Attention, they should not have buttons, otherwise will not make sense to use the cuff links;

Have a more stripped handle simple shirts, accepted and in this case the cufflinks should be more informal, as colorful silk node, stones of different square format (classic). To compose the visual can even wear jeans;

Watch -The metal cuff links must be of the same material, therefore, gold watch, gold cuff links; silver watch;

Tie -to harmonize or combine with the cuff links tie should be.

Although they are considered symbols of power, had a little more timid acceptance among male audiences in the last three decades. In countries like England and Italy the cufflinks are seen much more often. However, recently has been noting an increased number of men with jewels on his fingers, wrist and neck. And the various proposals, which won cufflinks range from the more classic and traditional to more pop-style figures. The props have conquered Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Michael Schumacher and William Bonner.

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