Smartwatch Compatible with Android and IOS Comes Out

A smart watch is on promotion in Gear Best, between today and the 13th. The device called Zeblaze Crystal Smart has compatibility with smart phones that use Android systems or IOS.

The Zeblaze at Electronicsmatter has most expensive smart watches features. A good example of this is that it comes with a heartbeat sensor. A small camera measures the blood flow of the user to find out which is its BMP. It is important to highlight, however, that the feature works with the immovable arm, as with the vast majority of smart watches that are not exclusively focused on physical activities.

Other than that, other functionality that helps you to keep an eye on health is the monitoring of steps, which is done pedometer, a small motion sensor that stays inside the appliance. This component is responsible for knowing if you are moving, walking or running. The collected information is sent to an application, which is on the smart phone. There, it’s possible to see what you’ve been doing for physical activity.

Now, speaking a little visual, Zeblaze Crystal draws attention to beauty. With its 1.54-inch screen hit with resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, the smart watch has leather bracelet, like any other common watch. That is, in case you wanted to swap it, for whatever reason, just go up to a watchmaking. The Watch box is made of stainless steel, which ensures the necessary resistance for everyday use.

To buy

The Zeblaze Crystal Smart was launched recently in China. There in the Best Gear, which is a Chinese store that has free shipping to Brazil, we find the appliance in promotion this week, as said at the beginning of the post. To take advantage of this discount you need to enter the following code at the time of purchase: GBZC. By doing this, the smart watch comes out for $45.99 (177 reais, on the current dollar quote).

Warning: There is a possibility that you are taxed by the Brazilian government. If that happens (what is always is a Russian roulette), you will have to pay 60% more than you paid for the product. Only that even if that happens, you will be the owner of a smartwatch that will have cost less than 500 reais.

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