See Where to Buy Cell Phone in Miami and Orlando

Check out the best places to buy mobile phones in Miami and Orlando.  Many Brazilians traveling to Florida know that there is one of the best places in the world to shop.  Most products end up being cheaper in the US than in Brazil. The variety is huge and the prices super low, and Miami and Orlando are very good places to buy, saving a lot. Cell phones and other electronics such as tablets and notebooks are very varied and have prices for all budgets. See the best places to buy mobile phones in Miami and Orlando.

Best Buy Store in Orlando and Miami

The  Best Buy in Miami and Orlando   is the largest chain of electronics stores in Miami and Orlando and is one of the best and most famous electronics stores throughout the United States. It is the favorite of Brazilians, it is huge and has many units scattered throughout Florida, making it very easy to access. Here at, you will be able to buy Lcd, Plasma and LED TVs, digital cameras, computers, cell phones, books, video games, gps, movies, notebooks, car sound and all other imaginable products. Best Buy is one of the  best places to buy iphone 6 in Miami and Orlando.It has a huge area of covers for various mobiles, tablets and computers, as well as several other accessories. There the layers can be decorative or functional, like those that carry the cell phone, very practical. It is worth buying one of these to use already there, to spend the day in the parks in Orlando or the beaches in Miami and not run out of battery.

Department Stores in Orlando and Miami

The  department stores in Orlando and Miami  are some of the best places to  shop for savings. In stores like Macy’s, Target and Walmart  you will find watches, shoes, sneakers, clothes, accessories, things for the home, decorations, perfumes, makeup and even electronics. There are also food at Walmar and Target, which are supermarkets. The best thing is that all these products have incredible promotions and discounts, and this is included the cell phone covers, which are also varied and are in the electronics sectors. You’ll go to these stores at least once during your trip to Orlando and Miami, so it’s an easy place to buy the cell phone covers.

Disney Shopping in Orlando

The  Disney stores in Orlando  sell all major Disney products, and this includes custom hoods with the main characters and movies. There are Disney stores both inside the parks and in malls like the Florida Mall in Orlando. It is worth buying a Disney hood because the complex is known worldwide, it is a symbol of the city of Orlando, and this is a very cool souvenir of your trip.

Tech on Demand Store at Disney Springs in Orlando

This is the best Disney store hint to buy flip flops. It sits at  Disney Springs in Orlando, the former Downtown Disney, in the Co-Op Marketplace area. The store has all the technology items customized with Disney characters and movies. There are headphones, headphones, chargers, speakers and more. You can customize your hood, picking all the details of it on time, so it will be unique. The store is super cool and worth the visit to buy the already done, or make one.

Branded Stores in Orlando and Miami

For those with a slightly higher budget, it is worth buying shoes in the brand stores, when comparing the price with

Brazil. The covers of Tiffany & Co., Louis Vitton, Kate Spade and Prada, for example, are much cheaper in Miami and Orlando than here, so you can save a lot by buying them there. Other brands that are more accessible to everyone, such as   Forever 21 in Miami and Orlando , also sell skins at much more affordable prices, and they are super modern and are very successful with young people.

Apple Stores in Orlando and Miami

At the  Apple Store in Orlando and Miami  you can buy iPads, Ipods, Iphones, Macbooks and accessories for all these products, and the best thing about buying them is that they are original. The stores are usually very large because there are always many customers looking for the brand. In addition to the launch of these main products, and the most varied layers, you can also buy chargers, speakers, headphones and other accessories. The store is full of vendors who are there exclusively to take away the doubts of customers regarding the handsets. Brazilians consume a lot when they go to the

United States, because the price difference of Apple products is quite large. Here, you get to pay 50% more of the value.

Souvenir shops and souvenirs in Orlando and Miami

There are several  souvenir shops and souvenirs in Miami    and scattered throughout Orlando. They sell everything and are huge, and in them you usually find the theme themed the city you are in. You will definitely go to these stores to look for travel souvenirs, gifts for those who stayed in Brazil or souvenirs for you, and the covers for cell phones usually have prices much more in account in these types of store, which can be even those of a dollar.

Outlet kiosks in Orlando

The  outlets in Orlando  are huge shopping spaces beloved by Brazilians. There are several shops of the most famous brands in the world, with many promotions and discounts. In the corridors of these outlets you will see many kiosks selling beauty products, suitcases and cell phone covers. They are not considered stores because they are like stands, but in them you find several super cool kitchens with mega low prices, and promotions of type two and pay one. Worth it.

Important tip for shopping in Miami and Orlando

A very good tip for anyone who has more people, a husband, a wife, a boyfriend or friends, is to use the cell phone to communicate at the time of shopping. It’s an important piece of advice, because we’ve been through it and with so much store to see, no man wants to wait for the woman and vice versa. And as outlets and shopping malls are huge, the chance to get lost and not have to talk is great. If you want, check out our tips on  how to use your mobile phone in Miami and Orlando To be able to make calls and use the internet at will when you are there. If everyone can use the cell phone at will, it is much easier to find, combine things and search everything you need with the phone. It helps a lot at the time of shopping and you still save about 100 dollars for not having to rent a GPS for the car, since you can use the mobile phone.

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