Samsung Already Had a ‘Smart’ Watch for Admirable Sixteen Years

Samsung is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Honoring this title, the company based in South Korea operates in several segments and creates notable products in each of the categories, including smart phones, TVs, refrigerators, tablets, notebooks and, recently, wearable gadgets, occupying the first position in the amount of sales Of smart watches with its Gear line. However, it is not now that the Asian brand ventures into the smart accessories industry, announcing the SPH-WP10 sixteen years ago.

SPH-WP10 was introduced in 1999 as a ‘watch phone’, the first and still one of the few devices of the genre already created.At the time, the impact factor that was widely used in Samsung’s advertising was that the product was one of the smallest and lightest wireless handsets ever produced, with a design reminiscent of accouterments originated directly from science fiction films.In contrast, using current standards as a comparison, it is noted that the South Korean’s wearable gadget is far from flexible, weighing 50 grams and two inches thick.

As its name implies, the SPH-WP10 is a small device that can act as a clock and cell phone, allowing you to view the hours and make calls of up to 90 minutes, since this is the period when the device can stay away from any power supply. energy.Its screen is made of monochromatic LCD with backlight, well-received function at the time, and was commanded by physical buttons distributed throughout the frame, in addition to basic voice commands that allowed access to the contacts.The lack of a keyboard, however, made it difficult to write phone numbers.

Samsung’s first ‘smart accessory‘ attracted attention at the time, but it was not a sales success, stopping in the first generation and getting into the oblivion of technology.But at the moment, the Gear family is progressing fast, as one more member is expected to arrive recently at retailers with a curved display, sticking to the acclaimed design of the Motorola Moto 360 to run the modified Tizen at a rounded rate.The South Korean giant, it seems, still has many cards up its sleeve for this growing segment.

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