Releases of Enamels at Beauty Fair!

The releases of enamels are the most anticipated Beauty Fair, mainly because nowadays have become a fashion accessory and not only a varnish to color the fingernails. You may not have the latest fashion bag or a super expensive dress, but with the glaze you get fashionable almost instantly.

Why I went behind the best releases of enamels to show you which are the most desirable colors of summer 2015. Let’s start with the Blant Cosmetics–the brand launched a common line with summer colors inspired by the flowers with shades ranging from pastels to vibrant.

What caught my attention was the launch of Nanovitaly 3 free-nanotechnology and treats the nails with the repairing lotion to be used with clean nails to moisturize and prevent fungi, as well as colors of glazes that prevent diseases on the nails. It was the only brand that showed treatment options beyond the normal color collections.

Already the Koloss bet in glazes with different finishes–from Pearl to the creamy, passing by a wide range of metal. The latter will be one of the great stars of summer 2015. All the glazes of the mark are 3 free, is very worthwhile.

Inspired by the charms of nature, the Impala brought a cheerful and fun collection that depicts very well the mood of the season. The set features 5 new nuances from the nude-grey that is elegant and combines with all occasions, to the romantic we have Fuchsia pinkand green water, the daring, the yellow and Blue!

The biggest news is in the form of flat brush, with Italian design, made of polished with bristles flat form that facilitates the application of the enamel and Finish perfect.

Finally, the Beauty Color presented its releases of enamels with inspiration in holiday travel-the names are of the Hawaiian Islands and good feelings to the famous summer trips. I was in love with Orange Aloha and the Waikiki blue!

The brand has not forgotten the children–launched a line inspired by Turma da Mônica Hipoalergência and Monica’s gang Young in partnership with the Mauricio de Sousa Produções, with colors that depict the life of the character in comics from childhood to your teenage version.

The fun is the Jotalhão green–who doesn’t remember elephant dearest? With so many colors is hard to even know what I’m going to use first in summer 2015.

Enjoyed the releases of enamels?

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