Razer Launches Accessory that Is a Smart Watch and Bracelet

The Razer manufacturer once again shows that it is not interested in just working with computer accessories and has introduced a fitness wristband that makes digital clock paper and comes at a very attractive price. Under the name of Nabu, the accessory will be released as early as the first quarter of this year and should cost less than $ 100, or eja, less than $ 237.

There are a number of bracelets being launched this year, and last year as well.Nike started this phenomenon, which was soon followed by other companies like LG.Now Razer, which has already made a portable Android console, decided to use its space inside CES to showcase Nabu.According to an interview Engadget’s staff did with Min-Liang Tan, the company’s CEO, Nabu’s idea was not to launch a smart watch (like Galaxy Gear) or a fitness band (like Nike’s FuelBand), But something between the two and that received the name of Smart Band.

Inside the vest is a series of sensors, something common for a bracelet of this type, next to two OLED panels.One smaller, 32-pixel square, displays public notifications for all apps that have any notifications on an Android or iOS.This means that if you receive a call, this small display shows only the phone icon.On the other screen, 128 x 32 pixels, the phone number is displayed.The first screen is at the top of the wrist and the second screen is down – which makes notification details not visible to anyone who is looking.

In addition to serving as a watch, as a notification screen and a way to monitor your workouts, the wristband also features some forms of social games.In one, it is possible to exchange information between two wearers of the bracelet as they shake hands.Just get close, move your hand and information is shared – if you want, of course.It’s very similar to what Nintendo did with 3DS.

The launch of Nabu is scheduled for the first quarter of this year with a value under $ 100. Well below its competitors, while offering more features and the freshness of working with one brand or another operating system – how do they do it? Galaxy Gear (which works only with Samsung’s Androids and in very few models) and Smartwatch 2 (which speaks only with Android).

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