Our Scarf

To be able to vary his style in the spring without having to replace the entire closet accessories will become an increasingly important part of the upholstery. This week the focus is on the scarf, which gives the cover a sophisticated and at the same vivid impression.

Swedish climate may seem rare bound to wear thin scarves. The lack of proper spring weather means that they are often either too cool or warm to wear. But the right choice of materials makes the scarf into a stylish and convenient accessory also for the spring. Finer wool qualities with good breathability, suitable apart from this summer’s hottest days well for the entire year. Those who want a slightly more elegant options should look for combinations of wool and silk. Linen and cotton gives a much more casual impressions, but also with its Matt surfaces are easier to carry.

After a fall season dominated by drab colors, it’s nice to bring out this spring’s colorful garments and accessories. To avoid having to save on Paisley pattern and bright pastel colors. A tip for not the scarf will take over completely is to choose a model with both tone and calm colors. A quiet because as Navy Blue, beige or brown suppresses the strong colors and upholstery provide balance. Similarly, carpet materials like cotton and linen easier to carry in strong patterns than, for example, sidenhalsdukar.

The upholstery in General
It is difficult to provide specific guidance on how our scarf can be worn.Variation possibilities are almost endless. One tip is to let the scarf contrast the rest of the dress code, for example through an elegant sidenhalsduk to sporty jacket or linen scarf to an otherwise tailored style of costume. Even for the rest of the dress code, it is important to remember to balance the throat screen colors. Gray, Brown or Navy blue suits often considerably better than black to colorful accessories.

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