New Evidence Reveals News of Samsung’s Upcoming Smart Watch

Apple Watch is one of the best selling wearable devices on the market, as soon as the company released the pre-sale of the device, several consumers reserved their units and everything sold out in a few minutes. But there are other big companies that are also in that market, such as Samsung with its Gear, which also uses the company’s own system called Tizen.

In recent months, several patents have appeared related to the design of the Samsung smart watch, indicating some news that the company is preparing for the Gear.In June of last year, information about the new Inferface appeared, which was described as “a new experience where users can swap applications and interact with them.”That made the company’s fans look forward to the news.

According to the new Samsung patent, the smart watch must have a “ring” around its frame, and with it users can control functions of the device. In addition, three new Samsung trademarks were registered at the US trademark office; One of them introduces the “Glastyle”, a new type of glass for the display; The “W” mark for the new Gear; And again on the new interface, called “Samsung Wheel UX”.

Throughout the year 2014 Samsung sold about 1.2 million units of its smart watches, in a few weeks Apple managed to pass that number with the launch of its product.Currently Samsung is not very relevant in the market for wearable devices, it is certainly necessary to launch something with more appeal to the users of the current market.

The new patents indicate that the next Gear will be very different from what Samsung presented in the other versions of the device.It is possible that the company will launch the device at Christmas just to face Apple and try to rise in that sector.

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