My Top 10 Beauty Products of All Time

Nothing like a nice Sunday gray and right lazy where the husband is working for us to get a little time to take care of you, huh? Today the homi spent the day in toil and I decided to make the spa house and do all those delicious things that we don’t have the guts to do it in front of the boy not to finish the novel. I started with manicure and pedicure, I went by the hydration of hair and finished with a mask pro face well linda (only not, enter there on my snapchat jojouasz you will see the lindura).

Well, the day of Princess inspired me and I decided to talk a little bit about the products. I don’t have millions of beauty products, but have a few that I love, I’m faithful and never leave you miss home. And it is these which we will talk about today!

So, without further ADO, here are my top 10 beauty products friends-faithful-brothers-comrades.

  1. Pre-AntirresÍDuos Of Pantene Shampoo
    I confess that this is love, but our love was strong.Use once a week to do a deep cleaning and feel the results on time, much less oil on the scalp and hair and silky.
  2. Photoage Serum Of Dermage
    I use sunscreen every day for quite some time, but this was a recommendation from my dermatologist for my skin to be more oily.He has super light and texture was the first sunscreen that didn’t leave me with the feeling that you’re passing Sundown, you know?
  3. Capital Soleil Of Vichy
    When I moved here I had to give up Photoage and find a new sunscreen to call my own.I tried that Anthelios of La Roche, but found super greasy. Then I found the Capital Soleil and loved. He’s very gentle, like Dermage and, as the package itself emphasizes, your finish is super crisp, perfect for those who have oily skin like mine. I use SPF 45.
  4. Cuticle Softener RisquÉ
    I love, love, love.I make my nail for many years and have tested many softeners cuticle. This is by far my favorite thing because it makes it much easier to do the cuticle well.
  5. Eau Thermale AvÈNe’s
    The namo think funny every time I spray my thermal water in the face, but here’s a product that I love taking in the stock market and year-round use.In the summer is delight to give that refreshed and revitalized skin in winter is great for Lightly moisturize the skin.
  6. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner Of Lush
    Elected the moisturizing of my life.I don’t have a lot of patience to get passing moisturizer. So, when I found out that the Lush that was made to get in the bath, a new world opened up for me. As if that wasn’t enough, he has a taste amazingly delicious.
  7. Makeup Remover Liquid Soap From Who Said Berenice
    We’ve already mentioned himhere, remember? Same logic the moisturizer from up here. Get makeup in the bathroom is of those dreams that, until you test and prove, it’s hard to believe it’s true.
  8. Dermotivin Control Foam SOAP
    For oily skins that SOAP is beautiful thing in life.It’s yummy, controls the oil and leaves skin super fresh and with that feeling hot.
  9. Lush Lip Exfoliator
    I know, I’ve never used a lip exfoliant before too.It’s not the most common thing in the world. But I will talk to ya all, is delicious too, absolutely addictive. This one of the Lush texturinha of sugar, has taste of bubble gum and, just pass a little bit on the lips and feel like they are super smooth.
  10. Lip Balm Eos
    I am absolutely addicted to lip balms.I leave one in my purse, I always have one at work and one that is on my nightstand. For a while here I changed the Chapstick pro Eos and have not regretted it. The texture is great, the format is cute and about whiffing are delicious (I love that blue whiting Mint).

These are mine! Tell me what are your secrets of beauty too!

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