Moto G Battery Has Longer Range than Premium Smart phones

The battery test conducted by the Phone Arena site gave what to speak in the Android community.  Much emphasis was given to the record-breaking autonomy of the Galaxy S5,the largest of a high-end so far and comparable to that of tablets. Many people did not notice, however, that the  MotoG  also shone in the test. The battery of Motorola’s economical device proved to be more durable than the flagship car launched in the same year.

In the test of autonomy, with the screen on uninterruptedly, the battery of the Moto G lasted 7 hours and 12 minutes and was considered excellent. To get an idea, the HTC One M8, released a few weeks ago, has the same autonomy in its normal mode(to see how it works the economy mode of the HTC device, check out our video test ).

This result puts the MotoG in the elite of devices launched in 2013 with regard to the battery, winning some 2013 flagship and its often useless and energy-devouring functions. As can be seen in the chart below, the Motorola device gains from the LG G2(whose battery was considered good), the Nexus 5 and the Sony Xperia Z1(with batteries only medium).

In addition to the Moto G, the  Sony Xperia C  also shone, presenting the second best battery among all tested devices, beating all smart phones and only losing to a tablet, Galaxy NotePro 12.2.

Unfortunately, the test was not as comprehensive as we would like. Personally, I wanted to see how the battery of the Z1 Compact comes out compared to that of the Moto G.

What did you think of the results?

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