Mini Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

The image of a bride is always emblematic. All the details are thought with the intention of that she is especially beautiful. Being a bride is directly related to an ideal of beauty, happiness, practically a fulfillment of a dream.

For this reason, especially, the traditional ones bring in their composition elements and allusions to the stories of princesses or fairy tales, like certain models of dresses, crowns, gloves and bouquets. Of these elements, the bridal bouquet is one of the most beloved. So thinking about it is one of the important points when organizing a marriage. Do you already know which one will be yours?  

Well, from now on, we will teach you how to choose the bouquet according to your profile and context of the party. But, first of all, avoid leaving that decision to the last hour. Under no circumstances use the same flowers as the decoration – the bouquet should be unique. And your personality needs to be considered one of the relevant criteria, as the flowers must be in full tune with the bride, being almost an extension of it. That said, the following are 5 topics that will help you make a better choice. Let’s move on! Here at you can get more different models and styles.

Choose The Flowers According To The Season

The first reference when selecting the flowers of the bridal bouquet  is the season of the year in which the wedding will occur. This is because the season flowers are the best, as they are lush, easy to find and still have a fair price.

Each season of the year has its unmistakable variety of flowers, but some – especially in Brazil – are present in the 12 months of the year. Before this, we will present you in which station are found some of the most used in weddings.

Bridal Bouquet For The Summer

In this season, the most common flowers are gerbera, rose, fleur-de-lis, bromeliad, amaryllis, carnation, poppy, lily, orchid (phalaenopsis, demphale and cherry), gypsophila, hydrangea and magnolia. Tip: use vibrant colors accompanied by green branches and loose arrangements, which convey lightness and freshness.

Bridal Bouquet For Autumn

Orchid, Mayflower, Azalea, Cattail, Gerbera, Daisy, Aster, Poppy, Iris, Petunia, Gypsophila (Mosquito), Tango, Tango, Tulip, Angelica are frequent during this period of the year. , chrysanthemum, rose, gerbera and daisy. Here, there is the chance to make beautiful combinations with these own varieties of autumn, as in the case of aster, caspian and gerbera. The result is beautiful!

Bridal Bouquet For The Winter

With the cold climate we have: tulip, angelica, begonia, gourd, orchid, gardenia, iris, iris, freesia, anemone, gerbera, verbena, dandelion, quince, chrysanthemum, evergreen, gypsophila (mosquito), angelica and petunia. In winter, there are possibilities of beautiful fusions, joining the freesia, verbena and evergreen, for example. In addition to the exclusivity of the tulips – which are not regular during the rest of the year.

Bridal Bouquet For Spring

In the season of flowers, we can use: violet, narcissus, bromeliad, glass of milk, freesia, lilies, dandelion, chrysanthemum, petunia, quince, pink, gypsophila, daisy, jasmin, orchid, clove, calla, hydrangea and lisianthus. Through the spring variety, it is possible from a conservative line of bouquets to modern ones, with long-stemmed flowers, such as a glass of milk.

If you still have any questions about the flowers, download here the eBook on the types of flowers in each season of the year.

Understand The Meanings Of The Colors Of A Bridal Bouquet

Once you already know which flowers will be available at the time of your wedding, it is time to set the colors that will be part of your bouquet. Each color has a meaning appropriate to the moment and personality of the bride. So learn what they express.

Yellow Bridal Bouquet

Through this tonality, the bride will be able to bring joy and fulfillment of being married to the ceremony. Light feelings and renewal of life has everything to do with this color.

Red Wedding Vessel

This is a color that inspires passion, deep and intense love. The bride who chooses him is a person, usually, passionate and lives his love energetically.

Orange Wedding Bouquet

The flowers in this color translate the feeling of satisfaction, jubilation, fascination and enchantment – proper to who is performing their marriage. This is a great alternative for the dreamy brides.

Pink Bridal Bouquet

This tone of bouquet brings to the occasion an atmosphere of poetry, delicacy and romanticism. Typical choice of idealistic brides.

Blue Bridal Bouquet

Blue flowers convey essential feelings in a two-fold life- harmony, loyalty, and freshness, an interesting path for a slightly more mature bride.

White Bridal Bouquet

Loyalty, sincerity and a very strong love are the meanings of flowers of this color. A white bouquet is always elegant. If the bride has a classic style, it is the perfect color.

Green Bridal Bouquet

With that tone, you will be able to express balance and hope – indispensable when it comes to a marriage. A bride whose gender strolling through Zen or mystical is able to identify enough.

Besides the meanings, it is worth the color of the bouquet to talk with the makeup worn by the bride. So the set will be aligned!

Adjust The Bouquet Shapes To Your Physical Type

Just like in the dresses, pay attention to your physical shape when choosing the bridal bouquet format. High, low, lean, or overweight women have different characteristics, so you need to look at what’s going to be good for you.

Large Round Bridal Bouquet

This alternative is voluminous, has a round shape and – usually – is composed of various flowers and branches. This bouquet is carried by a bride who must be tall / thin or low / lean. Overweight women can not use it.

Small Round Bridal Bouquet

The small round bridal bouquet has the same characteristics as the previous one, but in a smaller size. It is indicated for the bride who is low / lean. In relation to the other physical constitutions, it is not advised.

Small And Medium Cascade Wedding Bouquet

The shape of a waterfall bouquet is one in which the flowers are arranged in order to create a falling movement, looking like a cascade indeed. Princess Kate Middleton also used one of these. You remember? Usually, it looks good on all bride species, except for the low / overweight.

Bridal Bouquet Long Cascade

The long waterfall bouquet is similar to the previous one which is larger and more bulky. The use recommendation is appropriate for tall women. That is, the pattern of the bride who opt for it has to be high / slim or high / overweight. As a result, it is not suitable for short ones.

Bridal Bouquet

The arm bouquet is challenging because it is long and supported on the arm, it requires stamina. In it, it is customary to use lilies, tulips, milk flakes (long stem flowers) and a significant volume in the canopy. The recommendation is exclusive for tall brides, with the following physique: tall / lean or tall / overweight.

Beaded Bridal Bouquet

This variation of bouquet is modern and very bold. It is made with flowers of long stems (about 30cm) and sturdy canopy in order to create the beam format. For this reason, it is not suitable for low brides. The ideal biotype is for a tall / lean or tall / overweight woman.

Composite Bouquet

The compound bouquet gathers several petals around a bud, like a large flower itself. Visually, it resembles the large round shape, ie: the bride’s standard for this is high / lean or low / lean.

Single Flower Bridal Bouquet

In fact, it is not exactly a bouquet because it is made up of only one flower, but it has been a great trend. It was, even, the favorite of the actress Juliana Paes. In this case, the correct one is to be used by a tall / lean or low / lean bride .

Bridal Bouquet For Daytime And Evening Wedding

The time of the ceremony is also one of the parameters used in favor of the choice of the bouquet. In the morning until the late afternoon, light colors prevail, loose arrangements and little finishing. Rustic and handmade are a good request, but in small or medium size.

The round shape is one of the recommended ones. In parallel, if the wedding is held at night, the bouquet can follow a sophisticated line. Invest in a mix of different, lush and noble flowers. In this case, the cascade and round formats are excellent options.

Take Into Consideration The Style Of Your Wedding Dress

The dress should be taken into consideration when thinking about the bridal bouquet. If your dress is modern or short, opt for smaller bouquets such as the small round or the small / medium cascade. However, if your choice is for an evasion, empire, mermaid or princess, think of a fancy version. Such as: the cascade in all its versions, round in their varied sizes or the beam. On the models it will take a fall, the arms are elegant and charming, as well as the unique flower-in the case of a daring bride. The secret of this combination is balance.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that, for the purpose of choosing your bridal bouquet, you will make an evaluation based on these variables mentioned above and not only on one, in isolation. The steps of this small study that we started with the flowers available throughout the year, goes through the meaning of colors, formats in relation to physical characteristics, day period and dress model. Thus, we seek to lead you to a gradual and easy process.

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