In the Spring, the Italian Way

Spring fashion and Italy is the obvious combination. That mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil. They just feels completely natural. As if being born in a white linen shirt and a pair of stylish loafers. What are the attributes that characterize the nonchalant elegance Italians often exhibit?

The Open Jacket
When visited Lino Ieluzz, well known style icon in Milan and a frequent face on The Sartorialist, fold this eccentric Italians together a jacket and throw it in a Chair. Say what you want about the Italians dramatic vein, but it is difficult to better describe the perfect vårkavajen. Wear-out and love it.

Linen Shirt
The structure of linen have make this a perfect material for our jacket, uddabyxorna, suit and not least the shirt. The amount of buttons undone is a fine balancing act between machohybris and elegant, relaxed.However, it certainly helps to speak fluent Italian and able to distinguish Tuscan wines from Piemonteviner.

The Sweater Around Your Neck
A colorful pullover is not only nice to wear under the jacket in the early spring, but works great as a substitute for the scarf. The quality is of course important to have in mind to find a fabric that breathes well enough vårbruk.

The Shoes
Swedes dress undeniably great. When it comes to the topic of leather shoes seems such awareness disappeared completely. It doesn’t matter that Zegna or Canali in the inner lining of the jacket. Together with medelmåtttiga shoes, the result is never good. The crafts and shoe culture as England and not least Italy exhibits obviously affects fashion culture in those countries. The tip is to dare to invest in timeless models, like Gucci’s classic loafers below.

Watch over the subtle visible skjortmanschetten, the somewhat short trouser length, folded the sunglasses and asymmetric handkerchief are all important details to achieve a perfect result. Stylistic quirks and färgstatements in addition to these encouraged then strongly. Trying to mimic Italian style everything carefully without sättta their persosnliga mark on the dress code will only give the impression of being studied.

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