If Add Yoga Exercises to the Routine of Swimming?

We know that swimming is one of the most comprehensive sports and to less impact causes on the body, so that the risk of injury from other sports is much less but… and if we combine it with yoga? Today I want to give you a few tips so that you complete your training in pool and yoga exercises.

Swimming is very important the realization of training out of the water, such as weights, stretching, etc. But and if we are going one step beyond?

One of the major problems of the people who practice swimming very often is that they use specific muscle groups, but fail to strengthen the joints due to the State of weightlessness in the pool. Why yoga can help us to complete our training and to avoid certain common in swimmers pain such as pain in the lower back, shoulders or knees.

When Will I Earn If I Make Weekly Yoga?

Strength: static yoga exercises use the weight of our body to both strengthen the bottom, middle and upper body helping also to flotation.

Flexibility: one of the biggest advantages we find practicing yoga is great flexibility, being very beneficial when it comes to training.

Injury prevention: thanks to the strengthening of certain muscle groups and joints, will help prevent the most common injuries of swimmers we’ve mentioned earlier.

Lung capacity: Yoga is basic breath control during exercises, what will benefit us in an increase lung capacity and therefore a better dosage of breath when we are swimming, getting delay fatigue.

Then I leave a few basic exercises of yoga. I recommend that you start holding each exercise 20 seconds, controlling breathing and progressively weekly go rising time of each exercise. Dedicating one hour weekly, you will notice the results.

Basic Yoga Exercises:

Dog facing up and dog looking down.

With this exercise we got to do a good job of lumbar, shoulders, and hips.


As the weeks pass, you will have to seek together the heels the pelvis and go down more and more knees.

Cow Head

With this exercise, we will achieve better flexibility and strengthening in arms, wrists, legs and ankles. Above all this exercise benefits us in armpits, triceps, shoulders and hips.

To which are you waiting to add yoga to your routine? I hope they serve you the exercises and you go by adding these and many more to your daily routine.

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