How to Choose the Best Ice Machine

In this guide we provide some useful tips on how to choose the best machine for granite for your needs.

Today, the majority of the kitchens of the Italians, are the most modern food processor, the latest products that enliven the days and give a touch of originality to the diet: the ice cream making machine, moulds for muffins and waffles. Among them, can not miss the slush machine, useful during the hot summer days, when the urge for an ice cold drink is really urgent, but you are too lazy to go down to the nearest bar. With this equipment, prepare granite is easy: just mix, fruit juice choices, quantities or juice (hence will taste the drink), water and sugar.

As we know, the slush machine is a device indispensable in bars, restaurants and hotels. Recently you can also buy it for home use (which are also less bulky than professional ones), to the delight of young but above all of children.

Of course, to get a snow cone genuine and tasty, it is important to use a good quality, it can also work with crushed ice quickly. It is important to remember, however, that it is not just the machine to produce a good granita: you must use top quality fruits and juices.

Operation of this equipment is very simple and intuitive, just follow a few short steps that now we are going to explain: first of all, you’ll have to open the basket and insert inside several ice cubes, doing well but be careful not to overdo with quantity, so that the ice is crushed as accurately, being sufficiently fine. Next, you will need to close the basket, making sure that everything is in the exact position and press the power button. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

You’ll have to turn off the machine only when the ice has been shredded to the extent that you choose and insert into your favorite flavor syrup: at the supermarket you can find really any taste, from the most traditional orange or Mint, tamarind, anise. After doing this, you will need to restart the machine for grain for a few seconds, allowing the syrup to mix properly to crushed ice. Finally, simply remove the basket (as regards professional machines, simply press a button that will get off the ice-blended right in your glass) and you’re done, you can enjoy a cool drink and tasty, just as if you had just purchased in a bar.

Typically, the large room in which are inserted the ingredients is transparent, so you can see from outside what is working. This is mainly for Professional machine, in bars or restaurants, where customers can choose better and see the product before you buy it. There will certainly happen to observe, almost hypnotized, the ingredients are mixed together by some special rotating elements. The working speed is significantly lower than that of the classic blender or juicer, since it requires a granita quite different. The juices inside the machine, which is subjected to low temperatures, they acquire the typical slush consistency only after several minutes. Everyone knows that a good granita should not be liquid, nor full of large chunks of ice, but must be very dense and homogeneous.

There are also so called semi-finished products which are added directly to the crushed ice, in order to obtain the desired flavored granita. These, however, cannot be considered healthy and wholesome and taste of granita suffers greatly: it is important to use only natural ingredients, which gives it a good beverage, but especially not artificial.

How to Choose Granite Machine

Let’s figure out if machine for slush is really a must. Definitely should not be considered as so many appliances used in kitchen (like a blender or an oven), but whoever bought it, definitely had no remorse: is ideal for those who like summer pool parties or children’s birthdays. In addition, the machine for granite should not be considered a product just for the little ones: chopping the ice less finely and not adding the syrup, you can keep your drinks cool and drink with friends.

Some technical advice: before operating the machine for slush, please take time to read carefully the information located in the owner’s manual (supplied with the appliance and generally available in different languages). With the right directions, in fact, it is easier to install and maintain in a proper machine maintenance; You should also keep the instructions for future use. We must not forget that, during maintenance or cleaning the machine, it is important to disconnect the appliance from the mains (pull the plug, not the cord); in case of malfunction, you must contact a qualified personnel, rather than trying to repair the machine, which could pose a danger to the person or damage to the product. Generally, for reasons of security, when the dome of a bathtub is lifted, the helices corresponding to that tank stop, so as not to cause damage or accidents. Another tip is to not connect the machine to adapters, multiple plugs and extensions, or if you can’t help, it’s good to only use material that conforms to the current standards of safety.

Finally, for the correct operation of the machine, it is good to clean it periodically, by turning off the main switch of the machine and of course by disconnecting the plug from the power supply. We recommend using a solution of cold water and sodium hypochlorite, more commonly known as bleach, in the proportion of 10 grams (.5 tablespoon) per liter of water, and rinse with warm water. It is good to always be cautious with doses of Bleach: an overdose could damage the material making up the propeller. As for plastics, if washed in the dishwasher, make sure that the temperature never exceeds the 85 degrees, because they might be damaged; still, you should never use abrasive powders.

Slush Machines Prices

As with any appliance, costs vary depending on the characteristics of the product, the brand and power. You can start from a minimum of 50 or 60 euro for higher prices. On the market, in fact, if they are of all types: from original designs or particularly easy, now suitable for any décor, brightly colored (very common is red) or more tones resigned as the timeless classic white or silver; silent or not quiet, excellent and durable materials or shoddy materials and then from lower bands and certainly more accessible economically.

It is possible to buy the machine for slush in retailers or online stores, where there are many offers and affordable rates: If your goal is to save money, buy the product online is the obvious choice, without sacrificing quality or warranty. The reviews on the web, about the machine for granite, are sufficiently positive (of course vary from brand to brand): those who have purchased, define functional and comfortable, ideal for refreshing on hot summer days and cheer up dinners and parties with friends.

Following the directions proposed in this guide you can find the best machine for granite for your needs quickly and easily.

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