How Do I Remove Nodes from a Necklace?

Every woman knows this problem – in hustle and bustle you just want to fish the right chain to the outfit in the morning and then you can see the dilemma:knotted necklaces .This ranges from smaller knots in individual necklaces to a knotted chain of all favorite chains.In my little jewelry today I will show you how to quickly and safely untangle your necklace.

Tip 1: Knot the chain with 2 needles

Usually, we try to loosen knots with our fingers out of the chain, but precisely in the case of fine-necked necklaces, we come to our limits and the rescue action of our chain arises in pure branching.

How to solve knotted chains with 2 needles:

  1. Take 2 long needles (this is the best way to use the needles, because they are particularly easy to handle.)
  2. Lay your chain flat on the table (do not try to free the chain hanging in the air, because the knots are only tighter).
  3. Now try to loosen the knots with the needles with a little bit of fingertip.I will see that this is much easier than using your fingers.

Attention:Please work calmly and do not tug at the chain.If one is too impatient and tries to loosen the knot with force and pull, then they tighten only more firmly.In addition, fine-grained chains can tear so fast.

Tip 2: Loosen knot with oil from necklace

Sometimes a whole bunch of chains are found – knotted and intertwined.For very stubborn knots helps a bit of oil;)

So you knot your necklace with oil:

  1. Give some oil on a plate (normal lettuce is sufficient for this – the main thing is that it sucks).
  2. Lay the knot of the chain in the oil & wipe the knot carefully (!!!) with the oil.
  3. Wait a few minutes.
  4. Now you try to untangle the knotted necklace .You will see that this is done by the oil super.If you have a stubborn case before you, you can again take your 2 needles to help.
  5. Afterwards, wash the remaining oil from your chain with mild soap and water.

Attention:Again, work carefully here and do not tug.

How can I avoid knotted chains?

In order not to get into the knot dilemma, the correct storage of the necklaces helps.If you put all your chains in a jewelry box, I can safely tell you that this ends in a chain knot.

  • – Try to keep your chains separate.This way, you avoid having several chains interlock.
  • – Always close the lock of your necklace when you put it aside.
  • – The best way to store it is to hang chains.There are beautiful jewelery trees or other jewelery storages which allow hanging chains.Thus, knotching of the chains can be avoided.

I hope I could spare you some moments of frustration with my tips.

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