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What I see since I became a mother are women abdicating their jobs as a result of engaging 100% motherhood.

In the short term, none of them repents, but in the long run are beginning to question even worth. Because out of a career and return years later, is something very complicated. And in the end every woman who works just missing to have a professional occupation.

Of course, the dream of every woman becomes mother is to find a way to work from home and continue close your child full time. The emails that I get more after tips on routine with newborns, are women asking me for tips on how to start a business from home.

And that’s what I’m talking about in the post today. I’m going to divide the topic into “Home Office” in 3 parts; work routine, the relationship with the children, and my own business.

I had a job before da Bruna was born. And when he won the license was one of thousands of women who have not had the courage and not want to go back to work. I still was nursing, I wasn’t planning on stopping any time soon, I didn’t want to be away from the imagined me leaving Bruna and her so little in a school or with a babysitter.

Work at Home office scheme was a possibility I thought to try to succeed and become profitable some of the activities that I liked or knew how to do well.

Gave me a deadline to get a financial return. And in agreement with my husband we agreed that if it didn’t work, I’d look for a job and all the benefits that enable employee financially and be professionally. This would be the time that I could live with the money he had to receive from my last job.

From that day I strove to accomplish some goals and never considered the work Home Office less serious than the employee. Because today many informal jobs become so or even more profitable than traditional. Just believe everything is behind a product or service has to be taken seriously from the beginning. But believe me, working at home may seem like the ideal situation but is often maddening. There are days that I miss working out. Like everything in life has its pros and cons.

So I’ll mention a few points that I consider important to succeed in what I set out to do. Is the blog or the brand of stationery I launched by instagram ( @paperkpapelaria), and I’m going to talk about it in more detail here.

– Learn how to work with the House running. Child screaming, pressure cooker whistle, buzz. Around here nothing to so I can work. I don’t have a spare room in the House to close and let life running around outside, so my Office is a table in a corner of my room. And many times to get the phone I go down on the floor where you don’t interrupt me. Because no customer or supplier deserves to have a conversation with a child crying, noise of movie of Peppa or listening you take your breakfast.

-Organize your day. The best way to organize the activities is to plan the day before. So, even if you count on unexpected, already know what are priority activities and focus them before moving on to the next one. I get many emails per day, is the blog or stationery. But many days I can’t respond to everyone for having other activities to do. So my priority is always finish what is already in progress avoiding accumulate work for later. I also find it essential to organize homework assignments as going to the market, call the shop, pharmacy, etc. at different times of the functions work. Separate parts of the day for each function has worked out for me.

-Discipline. This is always the word of success for those who want to be able to work at home. Wake up, get your pajamas and take the day seriously. It’s not because you don’t have an Office that can take a NAP after lunch, RAID the fridge whenever you get hungry or lie in bed with the laptop on your lap because it’s cold and the duvet is better than a Chair. Run away from anything that might give laziness or anything you wouldn’t do if you worked alongside other people.

-Focus. Don’t want to do 1 million of things at the same time. Seek to develop an activity that you already have experience, or talent, and invest in it. Shoot for all sides and see which hit first, it doesn’t work. The chance to work something you focus exclusively is greater than small attempts.

-Understand your audience. This is one of the most important items in today’s market where several informal jobs have emerged and become profitable. In the midst of thousands of followers and social networks, understand what your buyers the products or your services users need and expect from you.

-Be professional. Meets deadlines with quality, always. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Especially when working from home. I know well how life changes with the arrival of children. And especially with the Stationery, calculate counting deadlines daughters who get sick and that prevent me from going to the printers, holidays, traffic, anyway. Meet the deal and even surprise customers with something you didn’t expect, and only counts points in favour.

-Forget vacations and holidays. Many times to achieve profit or even reach their financial goals, there’s no way to associate the weekends or holidays to rest common to traditional jobs. I turn in a thousand, but every Saturday and Sunday I try to find some time in my day, even if it is after the kids to sleep, to end the work, write texts, Pack, draw, create …

Today I do not associate professional success necessarily pay. Because I feel more accomplished now than a few years ago making a lot more. And I have a huge pride than I make with my job because it was something to build on my own, without relying on anyone, in order to be closer to my children. So this money has a huge value for me. Even though we’re well away from what I really would like to win.

All have your good and not so good. Working alone at home have a limit that you can reach to meet well with your product or service. I can’t grow and earn more right now because I will need people helping me.

In addition we have to adapt to all the “interference” of the home environment. Like today I have to set up a text for a client and started a work upstairs, to Bruna entered on vacation, babysitter didn’t show up, the fridge empty, anyway … Like everything in the maternity ward, is not always a bed of Roses as it may seem.

But that was the way I found to make my money, help at home and still perform as mother and professional.

And you, how did this after motherhood?

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