Heart Necklace in Silver

Our favorite of the week.Today I would like to introduce you a beautiful filigree heart necklace.Heart chains reflect something very loving and personal – for me an ideal gift for your own mother, the best friend or, of course, the sweetheart.Heart chains are available in many sizes and designs.Today’s heart chain is a classic.

Heart necklace in silver by Amoonic

The delicate heart chain of the brand Amoonic is also 925 sterling silver and therefore a genuine all-rounder talent, because silver wikt very noble and is actually any skin or color type.The small pendant in heart shape is only a few centimeters large and looks filigree as well as graceful.This heart necklace is not a jewel, which attracts a lot of attention, but it fits through almost every outfit.The Hezkette “Emotion” has in its center a small heart consisting of zirconia.The heart charms the heart and gives the chain its glamorous touch.Due to the small size of the pendant the Zikonia does not exaggerate, but sets a nice accent.

Give your heart chains

His heart is bestowed – with a heart chain, this expression gets a very nice meaning.Symbols that express love or affection are very popular.But a chain is not suitable for the dearest, but also for other beloved people.Give the best friend a heart necklace?Why not.I gave my mother a silver heart necklace for the last Mother’s Day – she is wearing it every day.With heart chains you can express super his love.For every taste there is also the right chain to give away.

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