Gift Idea for Christmas: Azuni Earrings London

The jewel of the week really has this time in itself.More precisely, it carries a trace of royal magic.Because today I would like to introduce you to earrings, which has already worn Kate Middleton.Yes, the Kate!Maybe you are now waving and thinking is, anyway, too expensive.Not correct!These pretty earrings are designed by a British designer who designed jewelry for every woman.And this is wonderful jewelery, which every woman can then afford.Or give yourself.Is almost Christmas and so on.

Style tip: Wear the earrings by Kate Middleton

You can tell me, right? I am absolutely delighted with these earrings from Azuni London. This is not just because they were worn by Kate Middleton. No, they are also beautiful. Light, charming, festive and yet incredibly simple in design.
But now briefly to the facts: On a gilded version hangs a polished briolett from aquamarine Chalcedon.The small ear-hook is movable, that is, the stone always swings easily with each of your movements in time.A circumstance, which then shows itself in a really great sparkle of the gemstone.

Elegant earrings from Azuni London for the feast days in gold

So you want to make an impression on the next Christmas party? And even more radiate than usual? Well, then you have almost no choice but to grab these earrings. The favorable price also speaks for them. Or you can add Azuni London ATHENA Earrings to your wish list, this will be a dazzling Christmas gift.
They also make a great figure apart from richly decorated pine trees and candlelight.Kate Middleton, by the way, carried her last year during a trip to Australia.You see, our jewelery of the week is suitable for many occasions, from festive events to the next summer holiday.

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