Format Paper for Your Printer

If the printer does not understand the correct paper format, it can be forced with a trick.

You want to print a photo in 10 x 15 cm format. The paper is in the feeder of the printer, in the driver you have defined it in the paper selection. Nevertheless, there is only a part of the image on the finished expression. The rest is simply cut off.

Just inkjet or laser printers via printerHall for the office or the use in the home office are less talented in the photo print. Their specialty is the output on plain paper, whether texts or colored graphics. Therefore, the handling of typical photo formats is not as easy as with all-round inkjet printers or special photo prints. The formats can be selected in the driver, but in some cases they need a trick, so that the printer is correct.

Print via WLAN-This is how it works with every device

If you want to print a photo that is smaller than A4, select the format- approximately 10 x 15 cm-as usual in the driver under “Paper” or “Paper/Quality”. Look for the size setting in the driver settings. You can find them under the tab “Extras” or “Effects”. In the factory settings of the driver, “Actual format” is usually selected here. If the photo does not exactly correspond to the format 10 x 15 centimeters, but is slightly larger, it prints out almost beyond the existing paper. In order for the driver and thus the printer to adjust the size of the photo to the paper, you must define it again. Instead of the default setting, select “Size Adjustment” and “Print Document On”, and specify the paper size again. Now the printer adjusts the subject exactly to the paper size

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