Food Pro Thought: Starting an Inspiring Year

Our inspirational Sunday post is back after a brief pause during my Hawaiian season. So let’s start the year if breathing in, putting his head to work and discussing issues that really matter, right?

Here are some of the things that went through my time line this week and made me stop and pay attention.

About Being A Wife And Mother (And Wife)

In an interview with Jada Pinkett (wife of Will Smith) responds to your daughter, the very cute Willow Smith, about the paradox that is being a mother and wife and as these two positions require a constant exercise of balance. The answer of the actress is touching just for being so honest. No frills, no fantasy, Jada talks about how much it cost him to understand that to take care of her husband and children she had to first take care of themselves.

About Beauty And Self-Confidence

Talking about taking care of you, have you seen the new campaign of the Apothecary. The commercial portrays couples allegedly for real who are going through separation processes. If you haven’t seen it, take a peek here:

Needless to say, the campaign caused the greatest controversy. On the other hand, people talking about you loved. The other, a lot of women saying that the screenplay reduces the struggle for women’s empowerment, addressing the subject of shallow way.

I confess: I didn’t like. Especially because it seemed that women wanted a last commercial approval of ex, you know? Wanted makeup for Pat with pigskin glove, as if it needed to come out on top of a situation which, let’s be honest, is always sad and very complex. I was also with the dea only way to feel this “final approval” of the guys would be getting pretty. As if that were the only criterion that matters to that man look at woman and found it amazing.

What do you guys think?

About Build Perceptions Of Real Beauty

Since the subject passed by beauty, I found too beautiful work of this girl. She uses acetone to erase the faces of Barbie type dolls and draws new little faces, less clean and closer to reality.

About Reading That Inspires

Read is these activities that, enter year, year out, will always be on my list of resolutions like: do more. Simply because there’s no downside. The more you read, the more information we get, the more creative we have and more get inspired.

So I fell quickly when I read about this book club that Emma Watson has created. A virtual environment to disseminate and discuss titles dealing with the topic of gender equality and feminism.

About Gisele’s Diet

Speaking of new year’s resolutions, I bet any of your have to do with diet. There’s no way, January arrives and the people always thinking about what you can do to improve the power and leave the body more healthy and more than fine with the mirror.

Because if you’re in need of a muse for your dietary improvements, your problems are over. The private chef Gisele Bundchen (and your husband Tom Brady) has just disclose a dossier about the couple. No refined sugar, white flour or red meat , but in foodandDrinkjournal. Or they eat tomatoes (according to the chef, the fruit can cause inflammations) .

Cheers to family Bundchen-Brady, but I confess that I’m still not ready for all this. I guess I’ll have to get used to the idea that I’m not going to have the body of Gisele ever. But at least I ate pizza today.

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