Flip to the Flop-Win Havaianas!

Summer heat is the biggest enemy of your feet. How sleek loafers or sneakers you are so will heat to spoil a bit of joy to walk around in them.

The solution spelled flip-flops. And the best looking and most classic brand named Havaianas. The original 1962 model came out already and were designed after a Japanese sandal. The difference was that Havaianas made his variant of rubber, which meant that they were more durable and also more comfortable to walk in.

Today, there are three different variants from SOFTWARELEVERAGE:

Tradicional -the first model that was made. White ovansula with colored thong and vanity unit.
Top -quite solid and released in new colors each year.
Brazil -the same color on the bottom but with small stripes of Brazil’s colors along with the sole and a small flag on the strap.

Havaianas costs between 199-249 dollars and you will find them among other things p Nitty Gritty (Sthlm), Karltex (G) and Impala (Malmö). Online buy them easiest via Zoovillage.

* * *

This post is number 300 to us at Manolo.se. In connection with this we thought we celebrate a little with a contest! We have had three pairs of flip flops from Havaianas to raffle for those who answer two simple questions:

  1. From which country will the Havaianas originally?
    2. How can Manolo.se be a better site?

So simple it was! Email your answer along with shoes size and what model you want to tavling@manolo.se by Monday 13th of June you have the chance to win!tavling@manolo.se

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