Father Encourages Son with Down Syndrome with Sports

Activities Such As Surfing And Cycling Amuse And Develop Children Of 4 Years.It Is More Sociable, Safe And Self-Confident, Affirms Chilean Resident In BA.

A love capable of changing a life. Thus the businessman Jaime Cordova defines the sentiment by the son Nicholas Cerqueira Cordova, of only four years, completed two days ago. The boy, who has Down Syndrome, is the father’s reason for living, which fights for the child to develop without suffering any kind of prejudice.

Jaime knew that Nicholas had the syndrome only a few moments after birth.”The thrill of having him in my arms was so great that at the first moment I saw him I was not frightened, depressed, nor did I think that he was a child that would have different needs from the others, that we would have difficulties, none of this,” Reports Shortly after leaving the hospital, Jaime went to search for Down on the internet and sought health professionals to learn more about it.

Among the first guidelines he received from specialists was that the child should be stimulated in several ways, even in the first months of life. Thus, soon he was accompanied by a multidisciplinary team of the Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional (Apae). “He has always been treated like a normal child, playing and strolling on the beach, shopping malls, parks, among other places,” he says.

Since baby, Nicholas likes to play on the beach. Today, sea bathing is a leisure and a way to help in the development of it. The father takes the boy to swim and play with surfboard.He also adapted a bicycle to carry him on cycling tours, in which the child has fun.Nicholas also walks in parks and on the waterfront, always in the company of his father.

Jaime remembers that as soon as he began to insert sports in Nicholas’s life, before the age of two, the boy was afraid and withdrawn.”He wants to see more of the sea, the landscapes, the movement of the people on the streets, and he is more sociable, confident and self-confident,” he says.

The businessman explains that he tries to pass on to his son his passion for sports. “Of course we do it the way it is possible. In his time, he will create independence to swim and pedal alone, because he is very smart and learns things quickly, within the limitations he has.”

According to the father, Nicholas is improving motor coordination gradually. He paints drawings in the regular school where he studies since last year. He speaks few words and has difficulty expressing himself. Despite this, he has good relationships with classmates.

Chilean naturalized Brazilian, 30 years ago, Jaime says that dedication to his son is a priority in his life. “I’m suspicious to talk, but Nicholas is a passionate, charming child, I always want to be with him. When we’re together it’s a party.” Jaime and the child’s mother are separated. The father only sees the boy on the weekends, but insists on closely following his routine.

“He changed my way of seeing the world. He made me a more human person and willing to help others,” he says. He confesses that before he had his son, he thought that people with Down syndrome were incapacitated people, although he had no prejudice against them, he points out. “Nicholas has opened up my horizons, showing me the exact opposite. He is an intelligent, observant, sagacious, and very loving child,” he describes.

The businessman began volunteering with exceptional children. “There are a lot of people out there needing an outstretched hand and Nicholas just came to show me that. I realized that people have completely different needs, rhythms and perceptions, and that makes the world interesting, each with its own profile and its particularities.”

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