Dressed In Happiness. Has Better Clothes?

Those who follow the@mourajo on Instagram could not not realize that I’ve spent the last two days on land in Rio. There were so many fotenhas of the beauties of the city that the people might even have gotten tired. And the girls who commented there asking for a guide of the city along the lines of what I’ve done here to Paraty and Salvador, wait and trust that I will be there again this weekend just keeping an eye on goodie to share with you.

Well, back to Sao Paulo. Despite returning to the routine after 4 days off, I have to confess that I woke up all excited. You know those days you wake up happy wonder? Maybe they’re all tight hugs that I won yesterday the cutest nephews in the world, maybe it was the boyfriend’s smile by opening the door when I arrived. Or maybe it’s because my body is well in the period before the PMS hormone (I have the conviction that we are happier before TPM just so, when she arrives and you start crying for no reason, people think you’re even more bipolar).

Yes, I woke up happy. And when we wake up happy everything seems to work. On any other day you wake up with swollen face and hair like Cameron Diaz in there’s something about Mary (who has bangs you know)? Yes, happy you Tak a oclão and holds those bangs in two days in a cowlick faizan and we’re good to go.

There, on any other day you experience eight clothes to say that, since you gave that engordadinha, nothing in your closet. But, happy, you boot the first combination that came in mind and is rajendrapatilpatil.Yes, that’s me today.

I don’t know about you, but nothing to me is happier than a flared skirt. You don’t smile when you see a poodle skirts? You’re weird. I smile whenever I see a flared skirt at ehuzhou. If she doesn’t get cute, it’s going to be funny and all the two alternatives generate smile. So today I had to be flared skirt.

Since the skirt was pure cuteness, the idea was to put together this cute with a little air a little more adult. The solution was a knitting with crack in the back and a collar with Rhinestones that was pure luxury (because we also are happy with a little bit of shine, right?)

Finally, another thing that makes you happy? Loop. Loop has the same effect as puppy puppy: the effect “Own”. Type “Own cute this lace/puppy”. Do not “Own” when you see puppy or bow? You must be PMS. That is why the shoe has heel and lace.

And that’s it, guys. And, if the week’s heavy and you’re not with that smile (or, unlike me, is in the middle of the PMS), here’s a little song, that song always helps, right?

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