Discount Ipad Sub

Enjoy what’s going on in this period of Submarine iPad discount 2016. Good time to buy your Apple tablet.

The store is offering all the variations of configurations and models of iPad as the Air line, mini and Pro with special price. To view the complete list and updated, simply access the link below.

Featured iPad Air 2 with 128 GB Retina display 9.7 Golden ″

The iPad Air 2 is so thin and light that you almost forget you’re holding. The retina display combines the three layers in one that, besides leaving the screen thinner, has vivid colors and higher contrast. Touch technology features ID that provides security, because the password is perfect and hard to copy.


The iSight camera has advanced optical features and new features like Panorama, video in time-lapse, slow motion and continuous modes and timer. The Wi-Fi iPad Air 2 is up to two times faster than the previous model. In addition, it comes with amazing apps to check emails, edit movies, edit photos and read books.


The iOS operating system was designed to work seamlessly with iPad Air 2 taking full advantage of the chip A8X, super-fast wireless connection and the high resolution retina screen. He has the iPad discount.

Has rechargeable internal battery lithium polymer with capacity of 27.3 watts/hour/up to 10 hours to surf the web via Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music/charge via your computer’s USB or Charger

iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi Mini 2 4 g 7.9 ″ Silver-Apple

With chip A7, extremely advanced wireless connection, powerful apps for you to exercise your creativity and flawless integration with the iOS 10, the mini iPad with Retina display features cutting-edge technology, compact design and bold and a screen with images you’ve never seen before. Are qualities to improve your day to day, and leave him more creative and fun. Discounted iPad model submarine.


With 7.9 inch screen, the iPad mini with Retina display is amazing to hold and great to use.
The preview will let users more demanding, with text sharper, more vibrant colors and images with lush richness of details.
With 3.1 million pixels, 1 million more than a TV HD, 2048 × 1536 resolution your is four times higher than the previous generation. The pixels are so close that your eyes can’t tell the difference.


It’s hard to believe that such technology will fit into a device has discrete, light and with an unmatched design.
Because the iPad mini with Retina display features all in a space of only 7.5 mm thick and weighing only 350 grams.


An architecture 64-bit desktop level that does not require a lot of drums with 10 hours long. The Chip A7 has an amazing performance for the most demanding users.
In addition, the mini iPad with Retina display comes with the M7 co-processor, which measures drive data, leaving the A7 free of this function, which allows a general superior battery duration.


The mini iPad with Retina display, comes with Wi-FI MIMO (multiple input and multiple output), a wireless system that uses two antennas to send up to twice the data for video transmission, AirDrop, and more.

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