Creative Lamps Made with Crafts-Models to Inspire You

Check out some models of creative handcrafted luminaries, and see how to assemble yours, with the tips from our special article.

The luminaire is an object widely used to offer different lighting in each environment, and can be found in models of the most varied styles, such as pendants, lamps, ceiling lamps, among others.

Another model of lamp very appreciated to give a highlight in the look of every corner of the house is the handmade lamp, which can be made using various materials, and with this will become a very charming piece of decoration.

And as the focus of our portal is to bring you craftsmanship tips, today we have come to show you how to make a home-made handcrafted luminaire that can help you have a good monthly income.

How to Make a Creative Lamp with Crafts

The hand-held luminaire can be made using various materials, such as bottles, cans, string, PVC pipes, among others, that can be used for assembly of any structure, or only for use in luminaire domes.

Then just adapt a light fixture kit, which can be found in building materials stores, and has easy installation. But keep in mind that when handling electrical wiring, be careful not to touch the wires at one another, as this may lead to short circuits and domestic accidents.

And one of the tips to make beautiful homemade creative luminaires you can check out in this video, by artisan Bárbara Vargas, that will show you the step by step to assemble a simple and easy to make.

In this other video you check the tips of the portal Artenharia, which will teach you the step by step to make a lamp with the use of marbles, which will leave your house with a much more charming.

Images of creative handcrafted lamps

Below you can see some more images of creative handcrafted lamps that will serve as a model for you to create your handiwork.

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