Create Powerful Mixes Necklaces for Every Event

Make amazing combinations of accessories and learn how to stand out at each event with the right mix of Francisca necklaces jewelry.

The mixes of necklaces are the most successful in Frances jewelry.Whether for the tuned in sets or those who like to express your style, all women end up surrendering to our combinations. But in which events is better to use particular mix? Thinking about it, we’re going to help you choose each based on the event that you are. Let’s start?


The choice of accessories at Directoryaah for you to use at work should focus on subtlety and elegance. After all, every moment is ideal for you to express your style. In this example, the V-shaped choker look beautiful with the heart necklace. Discreet and wonderful at the same time the combination.


May is the month of brides. Come to think of it, this combination can be so much for you that is asked as to his own bride or bridesmaid. Are 3 parts that are perfect together. A choker with white crystals and a central drop, a necklace with the word faith with light point and a necklace. Perfect trio, huh?

The Output Friends

This combination is amazing in looks more robbed. Has a point collar, which looks great with the play with pendants of drops and a longer necklace also in blue. An option for you to use is combining with lace dresses.

Romantic Look

That moment to enjoy a love asks a whole romantic production. This combination has point of light, which is amazing with everything, an adjustable collar with heart pendants and a choker of crystals. Amazing, huh?

These were some combinations for you to inspire in each event. See how easy it is to use these mixes at any time? Just focus on your personal style and raze in looks. Want to check out other models of necklaces? Click here to see what we have on Frances jewelry. And if you live in Rio de Janeiro, come visit our showroom. Is on rua Haddock Lobo, The contact number is. Like our tips? Tell me in the comments what’s the combination you like best.

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