College Jacket:How to Use

The jackets college came to fashion from the streets after the years 1940, when the Bobbysoxer style emerged in North American universities, earning the sympathy of youth.

Soon they began to be symbol of college basketball teams, and were very popular around the world.

They always are bicolor, and the colours alternate in barred of cuffs, waist and collar. Usually they have an embroidery of a number, letter or shield, and buttons or zipper in the front.

But you don’t have to use that huge and soft jacket of the golden years. Today, the jackets college are produced with feminine design, shorter, fairer, and differentiated color fabrics.

Let’s check out some feminine looks that are too:


  1. Use the jacket college bicolor with shorts. Choose a lightweight fabric model and vibrant color.Roll up your sleeves and use bracelets to give femininity to the visual.

    Vista under a neutral color t-shirt with neckline canoe or in V, and let the jacket unbuttoned.

    Combine with denim shorts, but not shredded or bar esfiapada. Turn the bar up, because that look is not deconstructed.

  2. Work with a college jacket lined with synthetic fur. Is a great option for winter.Choose a model well exact, and views over a Turtleneck Sweater, closing the buttons.

    The jacket with synthetic leather sleeves look good, and give a touch biker.

    Combine with jeans or even with synthetic leather pants.

    This look is very sporty, and combines with high boots or boots.

  3. Stay chic wearing the jacket college with stiletto heel.Lot a look with mini skirt and stiletto booties.

    Avoid high boots or thick heel. The nominees are kid with side zipper and stiletto heel.

    Use for shopping, sightseeing and even on happy hour.

    Is a charm use this visual casual chic, inspired by the streets of Europe.

  4. Combine the college jacket with pencil skirt.Pointy booties and pantyhose help compose this look.

    Even professionals like secretaries can bet in this visual, which makes the pencil skirt more stripped and jovial.

    Create this style very sweet by independent women, and always have a jacket on your college wardrobe.

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