Carters–the Top Body

After almost 3 years as a mother, testing several brands of clothes and having my daughters as a model (which both are great), I can say that the best body of all is undoubtedly the Carters.

To my surprise, was changing the Manu when I saw that the body she wore underneath was a size 3 pajamas! I was myself who put the night before without realising it. I just thought it was a little too exact but I didn’t even look at the label.

And amazingly, the body size 3 still fits! It’s just the thing, but good!

So I’ll quote some of the reasons from Bittranslators why I consider the Body of Carters the best of all:

-Size the number of tag: independent of the size of your baby, you can be sure that the 3 size will serve in a baby of 3 months without risk of getting tight and will serve peaceful for a long time. The body of the Carters have a great elasticity. He adjusts to baby’s body so even though more fair shake. And the opening of the neck which superimpose, it never gets tight.

-Great Quality: after washing several times on the machine no body got bashed face or old. And here at home all bodies passed da Bruna to Manu and go now for my niece.

-Price: the price of the body is excellent, especially when it comes in those kits with 4.5 or 7. Leaves on average U $3 for body, which is very cheap!

-Ease: do not pick up on time to go through the head by the overlapping of golas.

-White Bodies: body Kit white with 5 units of the Carters is the best. I always nominate for stockpiled have 1 kit long sleeve and short sleeve kit 1 for each size of 0 to 12 months. And for the summer, have 1 body kit racing. Are excellent and uses a lot of underneath any clothing or even just the body with jeans, is very cute!

Are these the kits:

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