Apple Watch Will Be the First Smart Watch

Wearable devices have been on the market for some time, big manufacturers have already released their versions of wristbands and smart watches. Apple is preparing to launch Apple Watch soon, Tim Cook said the device will be out in April.Many believe that this will be the watch that will change the market for wearable devices, even Apple.

During Interview Cook stated that Apple Watch will be the first modern smartphone, in fact, the first one that really matters for the technology market. The CEO also said consumers are still in doubt about the quality of the watch, but says the same thing happened to the iPad and iPhone when they were being planned.

The president of the company clearly stated his belief in Apple Watch, saying that it will be the first important device in the market.Of course, Apple has done this a few times, but it sure is a bit of superb on the part of Cook.

In addition to the company’s latest product, the CEO also commented on the importance of developing group products, even celebrating the great collaboration that the company promotes. ” Without collaboration, you have a product like Windows ,” Cook said.

He believes that creating separate teams to develop hardware, software and other services can be detrimental to product quality. Windows and Android are two examples of this, he cites, two systems that do not deliver complete quality to users because there are so many separate parts involved.

Despite the comments, Tim Cook gave an interview to Fast Company and much of the conversation was related to Steve Jobs’ legacy.

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