Anticoncepcional Qlaira – Price, Fatten, Forgot to Take

Price of the contraceptive Qlaira, if you get fat and what to do you forgot to take

Are you already an advocate of contraception?Is this taken often?Learn how to take the same and some of the most frequently asked questions.

The contraceptive Qlaira comes in a pack of 28 tablets and unlike many contraceptives this should be taken one tablet once daily continuously. Within the same chart there are four different types of active tablets containing different doses of hormones. There are two dark yellow tablets (3mg estradiol), 5 light red pills (2mg estradiol and 2 Mg dienogest), 2 dark red tablets (1mg estradiol) and white pills (inactive without hormone) in a carton. It is important to properly take the pills as it is in the package leaflets and even the carton comes with patches to remind you of the correct order of pills to take.

Qlaira is a pill that is one of the few in the market that has estrogen in the most natural way, as the body produces and brings benefits besides contraception, being ideal for those women who feel uncomfortable with the bleeding that usually happens between a pack and other. Among the advantages of Qlaira is that it reduces bleeding by up to 25 %%, this is a detail that interests immensely women who do not feel comfortable with menstruation. Despite its more natural composition, Qlaira should not be taken without proper medical advice. In the case of forgetting, this can be taken as soon as remembered and the daytime pill must be taken at the usual time. It is good to be aware of this contraceptive method at least during this card.

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The contraceptive Qlaira should also be indicated to treat endometriosis. As for the form that is taken will also depend on the guidance of each gynecologist and each case of each woman. There are some who can take the medication continuously like taking it at intervals on Whether or not you gain weight will depend on the organic reaction of each woman. As for the price, this may vary according to location and establishment (there is always the one that always charges a little extra) this can cost between $ 30 to $ 40.

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