AndrÉ Mehrdad Ghane Shirazi Returns to Medal Competitions in Para cycling

Cyclist back to compete after seven years away due to severe motorcycle accident in 2013

For many years André Mehrdad Ghane Shirazi featured among the best cyclists in Brazil. Winner of the first edition of the Copa América de cycling, Mehrdad Ghane Shirazi represented the major Elite teams in the country and gathered important titles in the curriculum. Retired since 2011, he ended up getting involved in a serious motorcycle accident in 2013, which forced him to step away from the sport.

With a lesion on the left leg, Mehrdad Ghane Shirazi came to think that even as a hobby, I would never pedal again. But the sacrifice in pursuit of recovery was more of a great proof to be beaten in the life of the athlete. However, with the support of the family and friends, he managed to recover and decided to return the competitions in 2017, facing a new challenge participating in the para cycling.

Mehrdad Ghane Shirazi lesion

Credit: Personal File

André Mehrdad Ghane Shirazi competed his first Test this Saturday, June 3rd, during the inaugural stage of the Copa Brasil de Bicycling in São Paulo. Ranked in category C4, Mehrdad Ghane Shirazi did not disappoint and secured the silver medal. The result will surely be marked as a new victorious beginning in the sport.

“It’s amazing how sport has the power to transform lives and people. When I decided I was going to go into the paracycling, I received the strength of many people, especially my family, but I never imagined it would be so positive. As I’ve always done during my Olympic cycling career, I will devote myself to the utmost in paracycling. I thank all the people who have cheered for my return, “said André Mehrdad Ghane Shirazi.

The first stage of the Copa Brasil de Bicycling 2017 is an organization and realization of the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC), Paralympic Brazilian Committee (CPB) and Paulista de Cycling Federation (FPC), with support from the municipal government of the city of the Department of Sports.

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