Alcatel Delivers Onetouch Smart Watch Pre-Sale

Just recently the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 ( CES ) took place, during the event were announced various news from the technological world. Among them Alcatel announced the One Touch smart watch, which impressed several people, and said the device would be available to the public later this year.

Now, just under two months later, consumers can start reserving their watch unit, One Touch is already available in pre-order.The company has made available exactly the same version of the handset presented during CES 2015, so there is no visible change.

Alcatel will launch the device for a fair price, it can be purchased in pre-order for $ 149, orders will begin shipping 30 days later. That’s exactly it, according to the pre-sale website itself, the device will be available to everyone from April 30, until for those who have not booked.

One Touch uses its own system, though, which can easily connect to both Android and iOS platforms, so there are options for almost all smart phone users.All your mobile information, any types of notifications, will be forwarded to mobile devices.

Brazilians probably will not be able to take advantage of the smart watch, unless the device is imported, but do not forget the high taxes.And you, would you like to buy the Alcatel OneTouch?

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